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Getting back on track today with a fun Wednesday post! Recently my gal pal Riley from the blog Yes, Please Daily posted about some of her Amazon favorites and I thought it was such a good idea. Justin has turned me into a mini Prime monster, and lately, it’s my go-to for all things… coffee pods, kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, clothing, tech, and more! There are so many good deals to be had, on-trend items, and some incredible, fabulous dupes for luxury items, like the quilted bag above.

one. I could not believe my eyes when I saw this Charm Bamboo Pendant Gold Plated Snake Chain Initial Necklace! This was actually one of Riley’s finds and an amazing one at that. This necklace style was originally designed by Chloe but is quite (okay really) pricey. So for all of us who aren’t ready to drop a significant amount of money on a trendy piece of jewelry, the one above is an awesome dupe for only $14.99! It’s a great size and definitely comparable in look to the real thing. 

two. Lately, I’ve been aspiring to create a planner as cute as another one of my blogger gal pals Makayla from Fashionably Kay (y’all she’s so cute!). Her planner and sticker prep each week are incredible – if you’re a pen & paper person like me it’s seriously so motivating to have a clear plan laid out in a beautiful way. She has the biggest stockpile of planner stickers I’ve ever seen and that’s how I originally found the Happy Memory Keeping Sticker Sheets above. This will be my third pack!

three. Another Riley find (gotta give credit where credit is due!). I use a lot of straws in my cute tumblers and cups but I’m ALWAYS frustrated trying to clean them. I never feel like I get all of the gunk off of them… so when I saw these awesome Reusable Glass Drinking Straws WITH cleaning apparatus I was sold! Plus, it’s much more eco-friendly than the plastic colored straws I was previously buying.

four. Oh, this comfy Casual Turtleneck Long Sleeve Chunky Knit Pullover Sweater! I saw a similar version on someone on IG and was totally intrigued that Amazon carries some really affordable trendy Fashion pieces. I’m incorporating a lot of neutrals into my wardrobe this Fall/Winter so I immediately knew I wanted it in black. It also comes in a bunch of other colors! I love the way they paired it with a cute mini skirt and also plan to wear it with skinnies & booties… my #falluniform.

five. Ever since moving we’ve (or I’ve, rather lol) been updating our kitchenware. It’s a slow moving process but we are slowly getting rid of things that are old and integrating newer items. In California, we didn’t have a dishwasher so we did A LOT of hand washing of dishes and we always let them dry on a grey kitchen mat which we still use today for any hand wash only items. BUT the poor thing has seen better days and I don’t really want to dry my clean dishes on a dingy looking mat… SO I found this other Microfiber Dish Drying Mat for $6.99 in a similar color with a modern pattern. Just a small way to always keep the kitchen cute!

six. On my clothing rack in my office, where I display newer items or things I need to try on, I have white wooden hangers for IKEA. But for whatever reason, they don’t make white wooden pant hangers so whenever I have bottoms to display, they go onto my pink closet hangers which drive this OCD girl crazy. The other day I found these Deluxe Wood Pants Hangers and think they will work perfectly with the ones I already have so everything is nice and monochromatic.

seven. Speaking of my white wooden IKEA hangers, I realized I don’t have enough and was able to actually find the exact ones with Prime shipping. Yay!

eight. Maybe my favorite purchase of the month! I own this beautiful quilted bag in black in the medium size but recently noticed they just came out with an Oversized Quilted Genuine Leather Shoulder Handbag version in a beautiful apricot (and tons of other colors/patterns too!). I immediately ordered because my black one has held up SO well! The best dupe of a more expensive version I have ever seen or owned. The oversized version isn’t crazy large but big enough to hold all the essentials and to give any outfit an added boost. The apricot coloring is more of a tan than a pink – I got that question on IG.

nine. This product is rather random but I’m so excited to get it! I’ve had it in my Amazon cart for several weeks and finally decided to order. My desk space in my office is pretty small, but I love the location so I’m not ready to get something bigger. But it’s really hard for me to find space for all the necessities and have space to write in my planner and notebook. My keyboard is always in the way and I end up having to push everything to the side or on the ground which gets annoying after a while. SO I snagged this cool Acrylic Monitor Stand so I can slide my keyboard underneath when I need writing space.

ten. Okay, this Buckle Bangle Bracelet was too cute to pass up (and only $19.99!). It comes in tons of colors – I really want the orange one too! I think it’ll be a great addition to my arms stack and the pop of pink will pair perfectly with my neutral Fall color palette. 

I hope you all enjoyed this first installment of Amazon purchases – please let me know if it’s something you’d like for me to share regularly, and have a wonderful Wednesday!


XO Amanda