My NEW 2023 schedule!

This is honestly a post I never thought I would make. I have aspired to become a morning person for the majority of my life, but to no avail. I’ve always been a night owl and have thrived working late nights. I have worn this previous schedule of little self care and staying up until 3am as a badge of honor. I’m a part of the blogging generation who really felt like we had to prove ourselves to the outside world. That what we do is legitimate and worthwhile. Thankfully, the times are changing and this new group of influencers are really emphasizing self care, which I love and am also embracing! Late into the year in 2022 there was a fire lit within me to make some big changes. And for the first time, I felt so ready to shift the needle.

So starting January 1, 2023 I woke up at 6am ready to make some lasting alterations. Now that I’m over a month in, and am starting to see the benefits of consistency, I wanted to share my schedule with you. This is obviously not traditional in any sense, and is what I formulated as someone who works as their own boss with lots of flexibility. But I hope it may inspire you to take the reins of your life and to focus more time and attention on yourself.

My new 2023 schedule broken down:


  • 6am wake up!
  • take Heidi out, brew coffee, prep tea kettle
  • morning skincare routine (love this for hydrated lips!)
  • meditate for 10 minutes
  • make Sakara Detox Tea (code: XOPARDONMUAH)
  • & make breakfast
  • 7:30 am sit down at computer
    • Check emails on four accounts
    • Make a fresh to-do list
  • around 8:30 get cleaned up for the day
  • pour a cup of coffee
  • start on tasks for the day
    • pack Pretty Neutral orders
    • photoshoots outside the house
    • plan new content
    • content creation at the house
      • reels
      • static images
      • blog posts
      • stories
      • tiktok


  • NOON lunch while checking emails & dms
  • more tasks for the day
    • plan new content
    • content creation at the house
      • reels
      • static images
      • blog posts
      • stories
      • tiktok
  • change for Pure Barre
  • go to the post office for Pretty Neutral
  • eat a snack in the car (usually almonds + a chomps stick)
  • Pure Barre class


  • sauna blanket for 30 min. while watching a show (t, w, th only)
  • dinner while watching a show
  • check emails & dms
  • update my to-do list
  • around 8:30 pm epsom salt bath while watching a show (t, w, th only)
  • nighttime skincare routine
  • 10 pm BEDTIME!

FRIDAYS I’M OOO (out of office)

  • clean the house
  • organize the house
  • grocery shopping
  • any appointments
  • sushi dinner & a movie!


  • sleep in until around 8 am
  • slow start to the day
  • run any additional errands
  • share extra ltk content
  • create new content
  • spend time with my fam!

Something else I’ve incorporated this year, that I haven’t done before is pre-booking self care appointments at the end of the month. I schedule a hydrafacial, a massage, and an acupuncture appointment as a reward for a month of hard work. I used to do some of these things, but not routinely. This also helps me to project costs for the month.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my new 2023 schedule in the comments below or via dm on ig!

XO Amanda