One of the most commonly asked questions on Pardon Muah is what I ask for when I go to the hair salon. I always refer people to this post, and since I recently re-cut my hair into the long bob, wanted to make sure the info. was all up to date! Below you’ll have a short q&a of commonly asked questions.


long angled bob
long bob haircut
long bob haircut
angled bob haircut
long bob haircut
long bob haircut
long bob haircut


Q: What do you call your haircut?

a: A long angled bob!

Q: What do you ask for when you get your hair cut?

a: A long angled bob with a blunt cut and integrated layers (I also have quite a bit of thickness cut out of the bottom so that my hair lays right)

Q: What color is your hair?

a: The brown is all my natural! Every other appointment I get super thin babylights throughout to give it more dimension. My stylist starts the babylights away from my scalp much like balayage and less like a highlight.

Q: How often do you get your hair cut and colored?

a: I go every 5-6 weeks to get my hair trimmed and add babylights every other appt.

Q: How do you style your short hair?

a: Make sure to stop by on Sunday for a NEW updated wet to dry hair reel!

Q: Do you have extensions?

a: Nope!

Q: How do you get so much volume in your hair? Is it easy to style daily?

a: Hair type does matter. I have naturally very thick, wavy hair that I get from my mom. I could not, I emphasize could not, style my short hair properly without my blow dryer brush. Hands down the best hair tool I own and for good reason. It has great air flow, won’t damage your hair, comes in a small head and regular head sized version, and gives so much volume!

Q: How often do you wash your hair?

a: Usually once a week!

Q: How do you combat frizz?

a: I use a small amount of this oil in the ends of my hair when I blow dry.

Q: What products and tools do you use?

a: You can always find my updated list of hair products and tools HERE.

My Hair Tools & Products

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