2017 nordstrom anniversary sale

2017 nordstrom anniversary sale

Hi, hey, hello friends! Today’s post is a MUST READ as it’s all about the 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…dates, questions answered, tips to strategize, etc. I’m also including a sneak peek at some of my sale favorites. I’m so incredibly excited and can’t wait to share with all of you as the big event goes along… and I can’t wait to see what you buy too! 

Keep on reading for all the details! 


2017 nordstrom anniversary sale

2017 nordstrom anniversary sale dates
2017 nordstrom anniversary sale questions answered

Why shop the sale…it’s the middle of summer? Okay, if you haven’t shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale before you may be wondering why you would want to purchase fall attire in the middle of summer. And I get it, it’s been 100+ degrees here in northern California – phew! BUT trust me, this isn’t a sale you’ll want to miss out on. It’s by far the best sale of the year… basically Christmas in July! What makes this sale different is the fact you have the chance to shop fabulous NEW fall items at 40-60% off before the season starts. After August 6th, all of the prices will go back up, and if you don’t buy, you may be left with major regret (it sounds silly but there were many items I passed on items last year I ended up buying them at full price, sigh). Instead of shopping sale items that are leaving company inventory, you’ll be saving money on brand new merch, and boy are the items good this year! 

Who can shop the sale? The sale starts publically on July 21st, but Nordstrom Cardholders get to shop a WEEK early starting this Thursday, July 13th. And last year so many of the items sold out by the time early access ended. You can still apply for a Nordstrom Card, and if approved, you’ll also receive a $20 note to use during the sale. I opened a card two years ago for this very reason and it was a great decision. It’s the only store card I use and there are lots of perks, like earning points that contribute to notes (aka $$), and the customer service is phenomenal. If you aren’t a cardholder you can still preview the items in-store and can still purchase but you’ll have to do so at full-price until the 21st rolls around. 

How to shop the sale? By far, the easiest way to shop the sale is online. And you better believe there will be lots of ladies with coffee and credit cards in hand at 12:01 am come Thursday morning. It gives you the chance to snag everything you’re eyeing early so you don’t have to fight over your favorite cardigan with another fashionista in the savvy department lol. If you decide to go into the store (I mean, we all want instant gratification right?!) you’ll be able to easily spot the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items because they are roped off with yellow markers and signs will be all around. You can also order online for in-person pickup which is another great way to shop if you live near a store. 

What will I be buying? See below for some of my favorites from this year’s sale and best selling categories from last year’s sale like leather jackets, denim, cardigans, boots & booties, and designer bags.

When/where/what will I be posting? I will have a 2017 Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post up bright and early on the 13th before the sun comes up. My plan is to stay up late so I can share all of my favorites + links for you to shop. So head on over to Pardon Muah before you head off to work. The early bird gets the worm you know! In addition to my post, you’ll be able to shop by Nordstrom Anniversary Sale tab the entire time for items I’m loving by category…clothing, shoes, accessories, beauty & hair, and home. 

Make sure to follow me along as I head to the Nordstrom store Thursday morning to shop with my personal stylist. She’s such a doll and is planning to have my picks ready to try on in the dressing room when I arrive. I’ll be sharing with all of you via Instastory on pardonmuahinsta, where I’ll be posting several new pictures every day and posting lots and lots of try-on sessions and honest reviews. I also plan to post (almost) every single day here on Pardon Muah with updates on in-stock items and best sellers. 

2017 nordstrom anniversary sale

2017 nordstrom anniversary sale prep

Clean out your closet. My first, and biggest tip, is to clean out your closet, especially your fall wardrobe. I pulled mine out several weeks ago and got rid of so many things I was able to gain an extra empty storage bin. It’s so easy to forget what you do and don’t have and honestly, I would have been a lost bird trying to shop the sale without a closet clean out. I highly recommend you do the same!

Find out what you’re missing and make a list (check it twice). Once you know what holes are in your wardrobe, it’s easy to make a list of what you want and need. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is the perfect time to stock up on staples like denim, cardigans, jackets, shoes, and anything designer because you probably won’t see them at such a high discount again. I know I’m yearning for tan booties, a cream cardi, embroidered mules, and a new black leather jacket. Since items will be selling fast, it’s smart to make a list of what you want most so when the sale goes live you can quickly find what you want without having to scour the site. 

Check out the online catalog preview. Check out the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Catalog HERE.

Don’t hesitate on favorites. One of the best services Nordstrom offers is free shipping and free returns. Meaning if you jump at something you want and it doesn’t fit right or you buy too much (hey, it happens), it’s okay. You can simply send them back or head into the store. It’s way worse to have buyers remorse and it happens every year with some of the most popular items. I know there are girls out there still having nightmares about the bootie that got away.

Bookmark THIS page for later. I’ll be adding the information from today’s post to my Nordstrom Anniversary Sale page and will be adding tabs tomorrow morning for links to all the goods. So make sure and check back often! 

2017 nordstrom anniversary sale favorites

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