2017 yearly beauty favorites
I can’t believe I’m writing my yearly beauty favorites post. 
It feels like this year literally flew by. 

I always find this particular post challenging to write because I try out so many products and to pick ten is quite a feat. The funny thing is, many of my favorite from 2017 were favorites from 2016… probably because they are just that good. I decided this past year that instead of accumulating tons of new beauty items, I would simplify what I have so I use everything up and I only keep things I love. Even if that means wearing a high-end foundation regularly. I’d rather spend more on a couple things, than waste hundreds of dollars continually being sucked into new displays at the store – does that happen to anyone else?!


Below you’ll find summaries of each product I chose and why I love it enough to include it in my yearly favorites. I highly recommend each and every one… for everyone. You’ll also find a great mix of price points!

1 // Kevyn Aucoin The Sensual Skin Enhancer in SX02 This concealer is a GAME CHANGER. I ordered this back in the summer after hearing rave reviews from another blogger, Emily Ann Gemma. Her makeup is always on point and she always has the most beautiful undereye coverage so I thought it was worth a try. And boy is it amazing! When I first got the packaging in the mail I was a little bit bummed because for the money it’s really small. But then I quickly realized it takes the teeny tiniest bit to cover the entire undereye. It’s a thicker formula so it really takes away any darkness and brings about a gorgeous brightness. Bye bye, tired eyes! The only note I would make is to make sure you set the product or it will crease and smear due to the thicker consistency. I recommend the one below. 

2 // NARS Translucent Crystal Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder No joke, I’ve purchased at least eight of these over the years. This pressed translucent powder is the BEST I’ve ever used, and I’ve used quite a few powders. Some translucent powders have a tint and aren’t really clear OR they leave a weird white cast on the skin (especially in pictures). This one is completely colorless and doesn’t affect the way your makeup looks. It leaves a beautiful soft finish on the skin and has just a hint of a luminous sheen. Trust me, it’s absolutely worth trying! If you pick one up, you’ll see a thin shiny film on the top of the product that will make you feel like you’re not getting any product on your brush (because it’s clear), but trust me, you are! I went through my first powder so fast using way too much.

3 // Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light This year I’ve gotten more questions about my bronzer than ever before. And I’ve used this one 90% of the time! The ambient lighting powders are some of the most beautiful on the market, and the bronzers are no different. I use Luminous Bronze Light which is one of the lighter shades, but it’s very buildable. By the looks of the product, you’d think there isn’t much pigmentation because of the swirls of lighter coloring, but there REALLY is. You actually have to be careful how much product you put on your brush because a little goes a very long way. I’ve been using this bronzer brush. I love that the color is a true tan and not orange and that it leaves a gorgeous sheen (not sparkle) that gives the skin life. It’s pricey but it lasts forever – I’m still on my first one. 

4 // Loreal Voluminous Base I’m sure you all have heard about this product before from bloggers or beauty YouTubbers. It is by far the best mascara primer on the market and it’s drugstore, making it really inexpensive. I’ve tried a designer version and didn’t like it nearly as much. It truly makes a huge difference in the thickness and length of your lashes. AND it helps to keep your mascara on longer. It holds the mascara in place so it doesn’t smudge on your lower lash or flake on your upper lash. They use to make this product a dual wand with a regular mascara on the other end, but due to its popularity and request, they made it into its own tube. Make sure to look down low at the drugstore to find it. I don’t know what they don’t put it front and center.  

5 // MAC Amplified Lipstick in Blankety This lipstick was also a recommendation of Emily Ann Gemma and boy does she know her makeup! I’ve never loved a lipstick so much in my entire life. I’m already on my second tube and wear it almost every day. It’s a dark enough nude to make an impact but versatile and appropriate enough to wear to work or an interview. I’ve been wearing it with my favorite liner Boldly Bare. I also love that the finish is amplified so it’s nice and buttery, unlike matte formulas that dry out quickly on the lip.

6 // Marc Jacobs The Face 1 Brush This is the only foundation brush I’ve used for years. Yes, years. You’re probably thinking, “Sure, Amanda… whatever lol.” But seriously I love it SO very much! I won’t even use my Beauty Blender for foundation, only powder for baking. The Face 1 brush blends creams and foundations so smoothly into the skin without any streaking. And what is the most impressive is how well it’s held up over years of use. I wash mine once every week or two with baby shampoo and I’ve never seen one bristle fall out. Marc Jacobs brushes as a whole are absolutely amazing and fantastic quality – I own four. 

7 // KatVonD Tattoo Liquid Liner I almost forgot to include this product and I would have been so upset with myself. If you’ve been following me long you know I love a good cat eye and this is the only liquid liner I’ve used for as long as I can remember. If you’re not a liquid liner gal you might think they are all the same, but that’s far from the truth. This liner stays on all day and is nice and matte black. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to use with a fine flexible felt tip. 

8 // MAC Prep & Prime Fix+ This is a simple product that makes a huge difference in the look of your makeup. It’s not a makeup extender but rather a mist that helps creams and powders to melt seamlessly into the skin, giving the skin a beautiful glow and helps makeup to not look cakey. I prefer this facial spray over any other because the mist is fine and covers the whole face easily. It only takes a couple sprays but I usually do about 8-10 because I love it so much. You can also take the travel size with you when flying for a quick refresh. Traveling can be incredibly drying and this product is a great solution! Sometimes I’ll spray it on my makeup throughout the day to keep it fresh.

9 // YSL Mon Paris Perfume I’ve received more questions in the past couple weeks than I ever have before about my perfume. I’ve always been pretty picky about what scents I’ll wear and in the past have has three or four I rotate depending on the day. And then I found YSL’s Mon Paris and it changed everything. I consider this to be my lifetime perfume. It has such a sweet scent of strawberry and raspberry notes that makes me look forward to wearing it every day. This is also the first perfume I’ve ever received compliments on. I decided to buy the larger bottle which was a tad pricey (not outrageous though) but quite worth it since it’s all I wear. 

10 // Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Every single person, boy, and girl, man and woman, needs to own this product. It’s the most incredible blemish fix I’ve ever found and you’ll hear that from anyone else who has tried it. If you have an angry pimple just place some of the solution on it overnight with a Q-tip and you’ll wake up to it either gone or far less angry. It’s made for troubled complexions to dry out blemishes and balance oil in the skin. I shared it with Justin and now he uses it too! They sell it in both a glass bottle and a plastic bottle but the plastic is easier to transport if you’re traveling and I like the fact it’s much less likely to break. 

+ Two Others // I’m also OBSESSED with Loving Tan 2-hour Dark Mousse (I’ve gone through so many bottles I’ve lost count) for self-tanner and Moroccanoil Treatment hair oil. 


XO Amanda