I started writing a resolutions post back in 2015, and since, it’s always one of my favorite posts to write. They are most definitely longer than most but give a candid look back at the year prior and my honest hopes for the year to come. And boy, there is a lot to say in today’s 2020 Resolutions!

I always like to start by rewinding back to my resolutions from the year prior. To see which goals were accomplished and what items still need some improvement in the months to come.

BTW my leopard sweater is still available!

one: focus on wellness.

This definitely still needs improvement. From an eating perspective, I’m relatively healthy – no dairy, no fast food, no soda. But there is so much more to wellness than a diet. Where I’ve fallen short this year would be working out and sleep. Sleep being the worst of the two. Since moving home to Kentucky four months ago, I haven’t had one restful night’s sleep. That’s due to several factors: lots of change, new surroundings, and a lengthy to-do list. Hopefully, this will adjust with the new year since things have settled down significantly. If you missed my huge life change, I’ll talk more about it below.

two: find better balance.

Nope! Haha.

Finding balance in blogging is always hard, but this year threw me some serious curveballs. That in the end, actually pushed me to work harder, longer, weirder hours than ever before. But I don’t regret that for a second! Fortunately, I’m in a position to work when and how I see fit, in preparation to one day enjoy what the blog has become. I do, however, have a 2020 goal of at least trying to stick to a more structured workday. I’d love to work out four days a week and have an end of day stopping point. I will have more help this coming year, including taking on an assistant, so that will help a lot!

three: foster relationships.

I’m happy to say this is one resolution I feel accomplished in 2019. Mostly at the end of the year after moving home. I found old and new friends alike and have had the best time doing girls dinners, bestie slumber parties, tons of blogging shoots, and going to local blogging events. I feel really fortunate that Lexington has quite a few bloggers & creatives. It’s such a fun industry and it’s amazing to share and collaborate with others nearby. My friendships have flourished and I can say I truly have some of the most incredible friends.

And now onto 2020!

one: blog consistently.

This year was definitely my most inconsistent ever when it comes to blog posts. Partly because there was a lot of transition in my life, and also because of the site redesign. Now that the new site is up and going (a dream come true!) I am so excited to start blogging multiple times a week again. I really want people to think more about the blog when they hear Pardon Muah than Instagram. It will take time, but I hope this new site will serve as a wonderful resource and a place of inspiration. I’m in the process of brainstorming new ideas, and am even planning to start a YouTube channel! I even have the equipment purchased which will allow me to place videos and tutorials here on the blog.

two: travel.

It’s funny, for the longest time now I’ve had pretty bad travel anxiety. But since having my ear surgery (to fix an inner ear issue that affected me flying), next year is my travel year! I’ve always wanted to force myself out of my homebody comfort zone, especially right now since I’m not married and don’t have children. And now that my grandparents and parents can watch little miss Heidi, it makes me feel less anxious when I’m gone. We will be announcing and sharing more but I actually have a travel series planned with one of my very best blogging friends! We’ve added monthly trips to our calendar to varies cities and countries – all the way through January 2021! I’m ridiculously excited and think it’ll be a really good experience.

three: save $$.

2019 was my investment year. I actually said that back in January, but I didn’t really foresee how much of an investment year it would really be. Not only did I redo the site, but I moved, bought a house, furnished the house, and upgraded equipment like computers and cameras. Needless to say, it was all well worth the investment but I’m very excited to save as much as I can next year. I’m excited to save for the future as Pardon Muah continues to grow. Owning my own business has opened my eyes to so many opportunities that lay ahead. But I also know blogging and self-employment have their risks, so I want to have a solid financial foundation in place just in case!

and now for…


If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you probably saw my story. I saved it to highlights for a while, and then finally felt it was time to take it down. But if you missed it or are new here, A LOT changed in my life in 2019. I left a four year, very serious, relationship at the end of August. I bought my own home back in Kentucky (where I’m from), and moved myself and my business in a matter of three weeks. Challenging probably isn’t even a sufficient word to describe that period of time, but I can also easily say it was incredibly gratifying and has propelled me forward in so many aspects of life.

I plan to write a longer, more in-depth blog post about my story very soon for those who are going through something similar. I really wanted perspective on everything before sitting down and talking about my feelings.

I’m a huge believer that life is fated. Things in my life have happened in the strangest but most amazing ways that I truly can’t explain. For example, the home I bought sat on the market for over a month without an offer, and it was a total catch! I randomly found it, before realizing it was right next to my old neighborhood where my grandparents still live. And now, two neighborhoods over from where my parents just bought. AND my home overlooks the backyard of my mom and I’s first house when I was little. I 100% feel like this property and I were meant to find each other.

The house itself, to me, is a good luck charm. The previous, and first owner, lived here for two years before getting engaged to the guy next door! I absolutely love it because at heart I’m a huge romantic. So I feel like I’m destined to find my future here as well.

I know social media can make all things seem easier. And I am extremely happy and fulfilled. But for those who have asked how I did it, I just kept pushing forward every day. I spent weeks in and out of tears, cried every night for two months and was so tired from never stopping that, at one point, I felt utterly ill. But through it all, I knew I made the right decision for me. I knew wholeheartedly that something amazing will be around the corner, and that if I work hard and stay kind in the midst of chaos, it would all work out.

I’ve had more questions than I can count on my dating life and how I was able to walk away from something so serious after four years. For now, I’m keeping all the details of my dating life private, but I will say this. I know in my heart there will be love after heartbreak and that it will be SO worth waiting for. Sometimes people just don’t have timelines or desires that synch. And that is okay! It doesn’t make it an ounce easier in the end, but I truly wish for everyone (woman and man) to have the confidence in themselves to always know their worth.

Every person and every situation is different but life is meant to be happy and I wish for all of you in 2020 all of the happiness that can be had! THANK YOU to every single one of you for the unwavering support, kinds words, sweet sweet messages, and for helping to make this community such an amazing place. I cannot wait to see where 2020 takes us.

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