Hello & Happy Halloween Friends! 

Justin and I are excited about tonight, because we are dressing up and heading to a friend’s house to eat a smorgasbord of pumpkin flavored dishes and to hand out candy. I’m going as a unicorn (picture posted on Instagram) and the best part is that it’s a onesie! I mean, can you get any more comfortable than a onesie?! Nope. Don’t think so. Justin is going as a cereal killer… he took a white tee and glued small cereal boxes stabbed with spoons and covered it in fake blood hahaha! It’s quite creative.

I’m also really excited for this week’s posts. I decided to do a Holiday Preview week where I share gift guides and holiday attire. And I’m going to be blogging Monday-Friday this week, so make sure to stop by each day to check out what I’ll be sharing. I’ve got some bright bedazzled holiday heels, festive nail polishes, beauty gift guides, and today, the perfect gift for your guy. 

Men’s Watch // Women’s Watch // Justin’s Shoes // Amanda’s Boots
I’m a big beleiver in starting your holiday shopping early. There’s always so many people to shop for and it can be hard to keep things creative, especially when it comes to guys gifts. Today I’m sharing a wood watch from Jord Wood Watches that would make an excellent gift for your boyfriend, husband, brother, father, grandfather, etc. Justin has had his eye on wood watches since the beginning of the season, but at first I wasn’t so sure about this new trend. I started looking and when I saw the watch featured above, I was really impressed and thought, “What a cool watch!”  I kid you not, when Justin saw it it was like Christmas morning. I’ve never seen him get so excited!

Justin was kind enough to write a review for today’s post. His review is below:

 “I’ve been looking to add a wooden watch to my very small collection of watches for awhile now so when Amanda asked if I would be interested in helping to feature a male watch on Pardon Muah, I was all in. I decided to go with Zebrawood & Dark Sandalwood mainly because of the skeleton design (another high desire on my watch collection wishlist) and the brown features which make it easy to pair with just about any clothing choice. The watch comes in a cool wooden box which included a nifty tray compartment that can be used to house extra links. 

My favorite feature is the skeleton design; being an engineer I am inherently intrigued by the intricacy and mechanical aspects of how the watch works. You can see various gears and cogs on both the front and back of the watch. The ticking of the second hand can be clearly seen from the front while the back side shows the rotating mechanism that is used to keep the watch wound with movement by way of actually wearing the watch. The self-winding auto mechanical drive, which eliminates the need for a battery, is one of the best features of the watch. When fully wound the watch has a stated 36 hour power reserve which means you can take the watch off and it should stay running for roughly 36 hours. 

Another feature I like is the double clasp used to secure the watch onto your wrist. I’ve never seen or had a watch with this type of attachment, which makes it such a unique feature. Overall, I am extremely happy with this watch and have received many compliments due to it’s rare wooden design and many unique features.”

You can check out Justin’s watch here and the entire collection of men’s watches here. They also make gorgeous women’s watches in all sort of fun colors! You can view them here – I’m loving this one! Wanna check out JORD Wood Watches on social media? You can visit their Facebook here, Twitter here, Pinterest here, and Intagram @woodwatches_com

JORD has been kind enough to offer a giveaway to all of my followers and readers. 

You could win a $75 e-voucher to put towards a gift or even a watch for yourself! 
Everyone who enters will receive a $20 egift card, excluding the winner. The giveaway ends on Sunday, November 13, so enter today! 


Thanks to JORD Wood Watches for sponsoring this post!

Luxury Wood Watch

XO Amanda