I was planning to share this week anyways, but thought I’d focus on some Amazon finds to gift galfriends for Valentine’s Day. Someone had asked me what I like to gift to my gal pals and it got me thinking. I tried to include a mix of things in an affordable price range.


ONE | Leopard Sweater

This sweater was a follower fav over on pardonmuahinsta. And I absolutely love the design! I ended ordering twice.. originally I ordered a medium which was two sizes from my usual size but I felt like it wasn’t as slouchy as the one in the photo. So I returned it for the large and prefer it! I’m normally an xs, so I would definitely size up.

TWO | YSL Coffee Table Book

After I bought the Chanel version of this book and saw how nice the quality was, I grabbed this one. I love the pop of color and Yves Saint Laurent is one of my favorite designers.

THREE | Chanel Coffee Table Book

These coffee table books are such good quality! I was honestly shocked when it came and it was so substantial. It also can packaged with enough support that the book didn’t bend or get dented (which tends to happen). This book is the perfect addition to an office, or coffee table!

FOUR | Dog Slippers

A follower sent me these slippers in my dm since they look similar to Heidi and I ordered them immediately. They are much cuter in person and well-fitted. I did size up!

FIVE | Big Hair Clips

I think it’s sort of funny these clips are making a come back because I’ve been wearing them for years. However, I’ve never owned any this oversized and had to jump on that bandwagon. I love the colors this set comes in and they are super affordable. They are a smidge large for my short hair, but it’s still fun!

SIX | Safety Hammer

This is a rather random find, but I think it’s such a smart tool to have on hand in case of emergency or if you’re traveling alone. It has so many uses and it’s small enough to put in your purse.

SEVEN | Pom Beanie

Another follower fav! Trust me you want this beanie in your life. It’s super soft and very cute in person. I like it so much I have a feeling I’ll be ordering several other neutral color combos. And I should do that soon seeing as we probably haven’t seen the worst of our winter weather yet.

EIGHT | Gold Hoop Earrings

These were such a pleasant surprise! I randomly found these searching hoop earrings and they are so pretty. The perfect size for everyday or for work, and the twist detailing gives them a little something extra.

NINE | Flat Bottom Wine Glasses

I’ve had my eye on these for such a long time. But since I rarely drink, I always took them back out of my cart. But I finally decided to get them in hopes I can use them for entertaining sometime this year. And let’s be honest, they are just beautiful to look at in the cabinet.

TEN | Blue Light Glasses

I’ve been on the hunt for new blue light glasses that fit my face better than my previous pair. I’m not totally sure how well the amazon versions work, but these sure look cute on, and I love that they come in a leopard and coffee colored combo.

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