Today definitely feels like my Saturday, because J took today off so yesterday I spent most of the day wrapping a lot of work up so we can spend some quality time together. Which also includes taking several outfit photos to help me get through next week! We’ve found that it’s easiest to get them all done at once… with me running in and out of the house in different outfits… sweating… I’m sure our neighbors seriously wonder what I do for a living. 

For today’s Face It Friday, I’m sharing some of my new beauty favs from the month. 

1. Good Chemistry Daydreamer Perfume Lately, I’ve been on a bit of a health kick and while shopping at Target and “trying” to find more stuff to buy haha, I found a bunch of vegan perfumes. I was shocked at how beautiful all of the packaging was. I opted for a roller ball because I wanted to wear it and make sure I really liked it (before buying the full size), AND I love them for travel or throwing into my bag. Daydreamer was my favorite scent because it has a fruity, summery smell. 

2. YSL Baby Doll Mascara Okay, YSL is my favorite beauty brand, and how I haven’t tried this mascara before, I DO NOT KNOW. Have I been living under a rock?! Oh. Em. Gee! It’s amazing! Seriously. The first time I used it I knew it was going to be a repeat buy and a quick favorite. It gives really beautiful long lashes and a consistency that isn’t too wet or too dry. It pairs well with a more thickening mascara too 

3. NARS Laguna Bronzer I recently worked with eBay on a summer beauty essentials post and fell in love with bronzer. It isn’t too orange toned so it gives the appearance of a truer tan on the skin. I also like that it’s more of a matte finish since my other bronzer go-to has a lot more luminosity. Always fun to switch things up!

4. Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick (Kim K.W.) This lipstick has been my go-to for weeks now. Well, for months, but lately this is ALL I wear. I’ve had so many questions recently about my nude lip combo and it’s this lipstick and the liner below. The formulation is super creamy and the color is exactly what I envision when I think “Kim K!” A beautiful light nude with a peachy-pink undertone. It also works well if you line your lips fully and then place this on top – for a darker nude hue.

5. Jouer Powder Highlighter (Celestial) I’m a sucker for a pink-toned highlighter so when I saw this one online I threw it in my shopping cart right away. I believe it’s a special edition color and oh, is it pretty. It’s called celestial which absolutely fits because it gives the skin a pretty, ethereal look. It’s not chalky or too sparkly – but gives a beautiful light sheen. I also love how sleek the packaging is!

6. Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat (Pillowtalk) THIS IS THE PERFECT LINER! Okay, I’m sorry for yelling… but really. I’d heard a lot of talk about the shade pillowtalk and as always, was skeptical about whether the hype was true. Y’all, it’s true! This is a universally beautiful color because on lighter skin tones it gives your lips definition, while on darker skin tones, it gives a look of fuller lips without anyone being able to tell you lined them. Highly recommend!

7. Hello Toothpaste I found this toothpaste on my quest to use healthier products and I cannot believe I haven’t tried this before. Toothpaste isn’t usually one of those items I jump up and down in excitement about but the packaging alone is so stinking cute! I mean, rose gold?! I ended up getting the rose gold sensitive teeth fluoride version and the white & blue tube that is whitening without fluoride that I like to use in the mornings. This toothpaste doesn’t contain any sulfates which to my surprise, almost every other brand and type does, and it can cause a lot of mouth and lip irritation. 

8. Chanel Le Volume Mascara I wish I could tell you if I like the YSL mascara or this Chanel mascara better but they are both so good! I’ve used Le Volume in the past and remember liking it but forgot how amazing it is. I usually double or triple up mascaras to get the look that I want, but with this one, I don’t. It gives really good length but also fullness, and the formula is perfect. I don’t like when mascaras are too wet or dry because it can cause clumping or can make it hard to get enough product on the lashes.

9. MAC Powder Blush (Dollymix) This was another product I featured in my eBay post and it’s such a pretty pink. It’s the perfect color for summer cheeks, and not overly bright like some of the blushes in my collection – I’m a sucker for any and every shade of pink. The powder blushes are really easy to apply and with this one, a little goes a long way, so it’ll last you a very long time.

Have an amazing weekend!


XO Amanda