the best amazon finds for bloggers
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I get quite a few questions about blogging on the regular, and lately and everyone has been obsessed with Amazon finds… SO I thought I would share some of my favorite (affordable) tools for bloggers or those thinking about getting started. From ring lights, to tripods, to external batteries.

Keep reading to find out more, and to shop more amazon favs!


[for ig story tutorials]

riki cutie portable mirrorThis is the only item not from Amazon, but I just had to include it because I use it every single day when getting ready. I was struggling to find good lighting by my vanity, and even a floor lamp didn’t seem to cut it (unless it was nice and sunny outside) so I ended up creating my own lighting setup. I already had my cell phone holder with selfie ring light clipped onto my vanity to hold my phone for sharing story tutorials, and realized it’s the perfect size to hold my riki cutie portable mirror (it’s almost the exact same size as my iPhone 8 Plus). So now when I’m doing my makeup OR filming stories at my vanity I can either turn on the light from the selfie light or the light from the mirror. It helps me to see what I’m doing and also gives me a second mirror for small makeup details like eyeliner. The mirror is also portable so you can take in your purse or to travel.

cell phone holder with selfie ring light – As mentioned above, this amazing contraption holds both a cell phone AND a similarly sized mirror! It’s one of the best blogger purchases I’ve ever made because it creates the perfect lighting when sharing tutorials on stories. It comes with a large clip so you can attach it to a mirror, vanity, desk, shelf… anything that is thin enough to fit into the clip! The ring light attached has several settings so you can brighten or dim to just the right amount.

portable charger power bank – I’m including this because, not only is it an awesome portable charger (you can charge two devices at the same time) but it connects to the cell phone holder with ring light. The cell phone ring light only has a usb cord (not a normal plug) so you’ll need an external battery, usb enabled multiplug, or a laptop/computer to use it. 

[for instagram photos]

wireless bluetooth remoteThis is probably THE BEST thing I’ve ever purchased for blogging! For a while I struggled trying to figure out how to take my own photos because Justin works all day, and I couldn’t justify hiring a photographer every single day… SO I did some research and discovered this super affordable bluetooth enabled wireless remote that connects to your smartphone. It takes continuous photos and even works if you want to shoot ig stories! You simply turn it on and shoot.

universal smartphone tripod adapter – Along with my wireless remote, I purchased a smartphone tripod adapter that attaches easily to any normal tripod and holds your phone so you can take your own photos. It has a spring inside so it expands to fit all kinds of smartphones.

lightweight tripod (with bag) – This is the tripod I use with my adapter and remote to shoot my own pictures. It’s very lightweight and even comes with a travel bag in case you want to use it on the go!

[for try-on sessions]

dimmable ring light – To me, this is a blogging essential! A good ring light is so necessary if you film tutorials, take mirror photos (when the lighting isn’t so great), and especially for try-ons! I chose this one after lots of searching, because it’s affordable, and you can also change the lightbulb when it dies (some ring lights have to be completely replaced). The light comes by itself so below you’ll find my stand and softbox diffuser below.

photography light stand – This stand can be used with any kind of lighting equipment, and allows you to easily raise and lower the ring light to the optimal height, and closes up when you want to store it.

softbox diffuser – I was afraid the ring light would be too harsh and direct (& yellow) without some kind of cover so I bought this easy to attach softbox diffuser designed specifically for ring lights! It helps to diffuse the light and to create more of a glow than a direct beam of light. 

I hope this was helpful for anyone interested in blogging or already blogging. These tools make video quality better, photo lighting brighter, and will make your lift so much easier taking your own photos!


XO Amanda