I’ve said this many times throughout my blogging career but TODAY may be my favorite set of photos ever. One, because I clearly didn’t take myself too seriously, and two, because I took the photos all by myself! I normally I edit everything I take on my own, but these were definitely on a different level and it was really cool to see what I was able to create with some lights, my camera, and a wireless remote. I’ll be sharing more about how I take my own photos soon (for now all of my blog equipment is here). 

Anyhow, onto more important things – Nordstrom Anniversary Sale beauty buys


The Charlotte Tilbury Pretty Glowing Skin Palette is well worth the money! I love the sleek slim packaging and the colors that come with (especially the blush). I’m wearing the coral-colored on in these pics. I also love how pigmented the colors are. It will make the palette last a very long time and makes application easier and the hues easier to see on the skin. This one is a special edition for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale so snag one while you can – only three days left!

Charlotte Tilbury’s other special edition anniversary sale beauty products is The Pretty Pink Lipstick Set and I love it so much! Even Justin commented on how much he likes the one I’m wearing in these photos – called Rose Kiss. Usually, I wear lighter shades of pink or nude but I’m really glad I gave this set a try because both colors are gorgeous on and the perfect pinks for Fall! And the liner has been a favorite of mine for quite some time now and the only one I’ve used for months.

I was SO excited when I saw that YSL Mon Paris was part of the Nordstrom Sale this year. I’ve been using this fragrance for well over a year now and it’s my perfume for life! The smell is seriously intoxicating and it’s the only one I’ve ever worn and received compliments. The top notes are strawberry, raspberry, bergamot, and calone so it has a beautifully sweet scent. I’ve never been much into florals so I always look for fruity notes when shopping for perfume.

I hope you’ve been able to grab some amazing pieces from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale this year! I’m planning to post once or twice more with restocks before it ends on Sunday. Remember, prices go back up Monday so don’t miss out on anything you’re loving and will end up buying later at full price (I do this every year when I talk myself out of things during the sale haha). Below you’ll find all of my Nordy Sale posts thus far so you can check out what is still available.


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Happy Friday!


XO Amanda