ten denim shorts under $100
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I asked yesterday on Instagram which post I should publish today… denim shorts under $100 or an Instagram roundup… and it was almost even! So it’s affordable denim shorts today and an IG roundup very soon. I’ve been meaning to talk about well-priced jean shorts for a while now because NOW is the time to buy them. Seriously, if you don’t all the good ones will be gone and by the time hot summer weather rolls around, stores will be stocking up for Fall. Above you’ll find links to the ten I’ve included, and below you’ll find additional shorts I own and love. The ones above are all from Nordstrom because they offer free shipping and returns, and with shorts, sometimes you have to order multiple sizes to get it right. All of the shorts featured say they run true to size but everyone’s body is different – definitely read the reviews if they have them!

Last year I only had two or three pairs of denim shorts I wore over and over and over, so this year I went in the opposite direction and have purchased at least ten! I’m such an all or nothing person haha. But hey, I pretty much live in them during the warmer months paired with a comfy tee or tank. So I figure it’ll be worth it and at least one pair will always be clean. Plus, they have all been super affordable, like the ones I’m sharing in this post. I tried to include different lengths, waist heights, and distressing vs. non-distressing. I’ve been loving high and low waists this year, as sometimes mid-rise can hit in the wrong place (again, it all depends on the particular short and the body). High waist works well with all of the trendy crop tops, and low waist is usually quite flattering and comfy. 

I hope you’ll find some shorts you love if you’re on the hung and have a fabulous Wednesday! 
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XO Amanda