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If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my recent LIVE where Justin and I shared my favorite coconut margarita recipe – and as promised, I’m sharing here on the blog today too! That way anyone who missed the LIVE or who doesn’t follow me on IG, can get a copy of the recipe. You may be wondering why I decided to share a coconut margarita recipe?… I normally don’t share much about food and drink here on Pardon Muah but when Justin and I moved back to Virginia we found the most amazing taco restaurant where they serve the world’s BEST coconut margarita! So J surprised me one day and ordered all the ingredients to make me coconut margs at home – and in true engineering fashion, within a couple tries, he got it perfect! I was chatting about it on social media and was shocked by how many requests we got to share the recipe – so happy to share today! 


coconut margarita
coconut margarita recipe
slanted measuring cup

lime juice concentrate
organic agave nectar syrup
coconut tequila
lemon drop cocktail sugar
pineapple plate
coconut margarita
Below you’ll find the ingredients you’ll need, the steps to take, and the measurements needed to make my FAVORITE coconut margarita! They would be perfect for a summer party or girls’ night! Also, in case anyone is wondering, my pineapple plate is from the Target $1 section and, sadly, my awesome water glass is old. BTW We got all of the ingredients off Amazon (minus the liquor) and this recipe makes 16 oz.
What you’ll need:
filtered water
coconut tequila
cocktail sugar (plain or flavored)
lime juice concentrate (OR reg. lime juice)
organic agave syrup
measuring cup/pitcher
small plate for sugar
& a cute glass to put it in!
Mix/stir together:
1/2 cup (4 oz) lime juice concentrate
1 1/2  (12 oz) cups water
2 squeezes of agave nectar
3-4 shots of coconut tequila
**if you use regular lime juice you’ll want 
to use 1 cup lime juice (8 oz), 1 cup water (8 oz)
Tip: Justin and I use a nifty 32 oz measuring cup 
to measure the liquid and also as mixing bowl.
That way you don’t get more dishes dirty and you
can easily pour your margaritas! 
If you want a sugar rim:
put cocktail sugar on a small plate
dunk your cute glass into your drink mixture
drip off excess liquid from the top rim
swirl the rim in the cocktail sugar


XO Amanda