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Let’s talk! A little while back I polled everyone on Instastories and asked if one, they knew what was, and two, if they preferred to use the online version or the app. Most of you who already use LTK love it and use it often… but I was surprised that over 40% didn’t know how to use at all. Which leaves room for a fun, educational post all about LTK (for short). I started using LTK way before I ever used it as an influencer. I was always wondering… Where is that top from? Where are those shoes from? Does that sweater come in any other colors? And then I found It’s super simple to sign up and super easy to use – making it both convenient and mind-blowing! It might hurt your wallet a little, but that’s the only side effect, which some would argue isn’t so bad.

Continue reading for all of your questions answered! 


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What is is a tool that allows you to shop your favorite influencer’s looks on Instagram and Snapchat. If you like the sweater I’m wearing in an Instagram photo, all you have to do is “like” the photo and an email with all the shoppable outfit details will be delivered to your inbox. OR you can turn off email notifications and use the App which is super easy and user-friendly.

What is the difference between signing up online and using the app? There are multiple ways to utilize The first is to sign up online and the second is to utilize the App. You can do both or either, totally up to you! Btw if you sign up online and decide you’re receiving too many emails you don’t have to unsubscribe, you can simply turn them off. This allows you to still access all of your favorite influencers shoppable outfits online whenever you feel like it. 

The app, on the other hand, is exactly as it sounds. You download it from the app store on your iPhone or Android device, sign up, and it will automatically start pulling in all of the photos you like or screenshot on IG or Snapchat. You can even use the My Influencers option now so that you never a miss an outfit from your favorite influencers!

How to do you sign up for Simple! (One) Go to (Two) Sign up to receive emails by clicking Sign Up in the top right-hand corner. This will enable you to receive LTK emails any time you “like” a picture on Instagram of an influencer that uses

For the app (I love the app!) Go to the app store on your phone and download the App. As of yesterday, Android devices can use LTK now too! Yay!

Why should you sign up for You’ll never have to wonder again where your favorite influencer’s clothing, accessories, and home decor came from. Of course, you can always ask them but there won’t be a need once you sign up! 

Do all influencers use No, not necessarily. Influencers who would like to use LTK technology can elect to apply for rewardStyle, a program that uses a selection process to sort through things like engagement, following, content, etc. (btw I have no idea what the exact criteria is). You’ll be able to tell who uses on their Instagram posts because you will see a link in the photo caption starting “…”

If you haven’t signed up or don’t have the app, the holiday season is a great time to join the family. You’ll have access to lots of gift guides, wish lists, festive attire, home decorations, and everyday basics. If you sign up be sure to follow me @pardonmuahinsta!

XO Amanda