Father’s Day gift ideas for the fab dad, because it’s only half a month away. Time to start thinking about what dad needs, wants, or always talks about. When looking at gift ideas and quickly realized this guide is more geared towards the boujee coffee drinking, candle using, soft slipper wearing, bourbon drinking dad. I tried to pick from a plethora of price points and kept everything fairly neutral. A mix of personal care, wearables, and useful items.

father's day gift ideas

I don’t know why but I feel like guys are always harder to shop for. Maybe because there seem to be less options than women’s categories. But I actually had a lot of fun putting this gift guide together. One of my favorites is the Coors Beach Towel – it gave me a giggle! I always like to think about activities my dad partakes in or things he would never want to buy himself. For example.. Does your dad travel? Is he an avid golfer? An outdoorsman? The grill master? You get the idea! And if gifts aren’t his thing, you can always think about acts of service and quality time (which is really the best of all).

father's day gift ideas

8 other gift ideas for the fabulous father:

  • Car wash & detail
  • Outdoors activities like camping or boating
  • Eat out at his favorite places!
  • A basket of his favorite things
  • Subscription service like razors, magazines, or clothing
  • Tickets to a game or concert
  • Lawn servicing
  • Quality time!!

I hope these gift ideas will be helpful when searching for what to get your own fab dad this year. As always, it’s the thought and a thank you that counts! I’ll be getting something for my dad from the list above, but I’m keeping that hush hush in case he reads this.

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