It’s Face It Friday and today’s post is a BIG deal! I finally found a drugstore foundation that I LOVE! I truly never thought the day would come, but it has arrived and I’m over the moon. My favorite foundations up until now have been from YSL, Dior and NARS, to name a few. All luxury brands, all only found at Sephora or the department store…all over $40 (or $50). So to find a foundation I love for the affordable cost of $7.99 is amazing! 
Stumbling upon this fabulous find was pure luck. I didn’t watch any drugstore review videos, didn’t hear anyone talk about it…just wandered the makeup aisle at CVS until I saw something that struck my fancy. The best part? I color matched correctly! I think part of my turn off to drugstore foundations has always been you can’t try them out to make sure the color is right before purchasing. Fortunately, I got it right and loveeee the color. Pink toned foundations look terrible on my skin, because I already have red undertones, so I always end up looking sunburned or flushed (as weird as that sounds). In a lot of foundation lines pinks are prevalent so I can’t always find the right fit. In Matte & Poreless I purchased 220. I matched myself while self tanning, because I’m rarely my natural, fair state in the spring & summer (or winter, let’s just be honest)
Want to know how I knew I’d truly found a gem?! I was at the mall earlier this week picking up some items from MAC and wandered over to the Chanel counter to see what was new. I asked for some samples of their luminous foundation and they asked me what I was already wearing. I laughed and told them Maybelline’s Matte & Poreless and you should have seen their faces…shock. They went on and on about how great the coverage was and how flawless it appeared on the skin (and this was after hours of wear). Coming from the ladies at Chanel, I took this as a major compliment and plan to continue repurchasing once my bottle runs out.

I hope this review was helpful! If you’re in need of a less expensive foundation or just don’t like what you’re currently wearing, you should absolutely give it a try. The nice thing about most drugstores is that you can return used cosmetics if you get home and the color is off. I suggest buying two or three if you aren’t sure and returning the ones that don’t work. Sometimes you have to mix two to get it just right!

Have a fabulous weekend! Justin and I will be glued to the couch watching Orange is the New Black for the entirety of tonight – Sunday. I do want to see Finding Dory so maybe we will find our way out of the house for a couple of hours hah! 

XO Amanda