This post was sponsored by Red Dress Boutique.

Good Morning friends! I am so excited because today’s post is coming from a guest collaborator, Red Dress Boutique. An adorable boutique that sells trendy clothes and accessories for girl bosses everywhere and they know a thing or two about dressing the part. 

Listen up, ladies! If you want the world on a platter, then you have to make it happen. Your ambitious self isn’t expecting any handouts. You’re a #goaldigger with big plans and you’re not asking permission to succeed. 

Below you’ll find my five tips for dressing your inner #girlboss

#1 Dress for the Job You Want, Not the Job You Have

What you wear can make quite the impression and you want that impression to be positive. If you’re reaching for the stars, you’ve got to create a quality attire that is appropriate but still speaks to who you are. Spend a small portion of your take home on quality work attire every month to build your professional wardrobe. 

Wearing the same button down and tired black pants every week at the staff meeting probably doesn’t say “I want a promotion.” Build out your closet with various pieces that are sure to get you noticed (in a good way) as the smart AND professional girl in the office.  

When striving to dress like the inner girlboss you are, keep it simple. You’re aiming for a clean and streamlined silhouette and too many layers may detract. The goal is to leave them impressed with your skills and professionalism, not puzzled by your choice of pattern combo and color palette.  

Invest in a few work dresses you can wear on their own or pair with a sleek and amazing blazer. Monochromatic colors are the easiest way to nail the girlboss look. Whether you choose to strut your stuff in a bold color like a red power suit or a more classic navy or tan, wear what you want with confidence. Don’t be afraid of prints when you’re looking to stand out, just make sure they’re not too distracting. After all, you don’t want to be branded as the “cheetah girl” your first week. 

#2 Invest in You

Now that you’re investing your hard earned paycheck towards looking fabulous, you better make sure the clothes you’re putting on your girl boss body are worth the privilege. Find a tailor in your city that will work with you to ensure you get the best fit out of your clothes. No more tears under harsh dressing room lights when you can’t find the right fit. Take those almost perfect pieces to your tailor and have them fitted for your exquisitely unique bod. 

Do a quick social media search for reputable tailors in your neighborhood and only consider those with high ratings. If you’re still coming up empty, try asking another fashionable diva in your circle or at work for any recommendations. You never know, it may even be a good ice-breaker with your impressively intimidating boss lady. If all else fails, ask a high-end boutique where they send their clients for tailoring. Because chances are it’s not the dry cleaners down the street.

Once you find your tailor-for-hire, keep the lines of communication open. You want to collaborate with them, not dictate. After all, they’re the expert, you’re just the model (Kendall doesn’t have anything on you). If you’re having dresses or pants altered remember to bring the cute shoes you’ll be wearing with the piece to give the tailor a sense of the height you’re going for. 

If this is your first visit, start with the easy stuff to make sure you like their work before you bring out the big jobs. Before you invest the time and money (because great tailoring isn’t cheap) make sure the piece you’re looking to fit is worth it. Don’t spend the extra cash if you don’t see the item having a long shelf life. 

#3 Make the Necessary Cuts

Put a little effort into pampering yourself. Now that you’re going to be shaking a lot more hands, don’t get caught with jagged, ratty fingernails. Make sure your digits look neat with manicures on the regular and a trendy square ring

No need for anything fancy, keep your nails looking professional with a short, clean look in the latest on-trend colors. Long, statement nails don’t belong in the workplace — unless you’re literally planning on clawing your way to the top (haha)

And don’t neglect those luscious locks. Keep a reminder on your calendar for a haircut every 3 months or so to tame dead ends and to make sure your hair-dos aren’t hair-don’ts.. Simple, sleek, and minimalistic hairstyles are the best way to go when power dressing. 

#4 It’s In the Bag

Save those bohemian backpacks for your weekend adventures and toss your day-to-day must haves in a sleek structured handbag so you have all your necessities when you’re at the office. Take note: Try not to stuff your purse with unnecessary clutter to help it keep its shape (and keep your posture straight). 

#5 Put on Your Best Face

Take the time in the morning to match your make-up with your look. You’re going for simple in the threads so don’t let your eye shadow scream “it’s complicated.” Go for a natural look with the make-up, keeping with a neutral eyeshadow palette and avoiding an overly smoky eye. Try adding one twist that will make people take notice in a good way – like a statement lip color that will have them hanging on your every word.  

Thanks to Red Dress Boutique for sponsoring this post! Happy Monday!


XO Amanda