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half up hair tutorial
I’ve had quite a few requests for additional hair tutorials so today I’m sharing a (quick) glam hair look and a chit-chat about how I keep my hair healthy. It’s been a while since I’ve done anything but curl or straighten my hair so I’m excited to share a half up look I used to do all the time – perfect for date night (like Valentine’s Day) or going out with friends

But first, let’s talk about the importance of healthy hair…
suave hair gold coconut oil infusion shampoo and conditioner

I’m asked frequently what shampoo and conditioner I use to keep my hair looking smooth & shiny and I’m happy to report I’ve found two that works fabulously and won’t cost you an arm and a leg. And they smell delicious (coconut is one of my favorite scents). The Suave Hair Gold line comes in three different sets… Coconut Oil Infusion Damage Repair, Moroccan Oil Shine, and Keratin Infusion Smoothing. I chose coconut oil infusion because I use a lot of heat on my hair so damage repair is always top of mind. Especially since winter is so drying for both skin and hair. 

Both the shampoo and conditioner are infused with pure coconut oil that naturally repairs without weighing your hair down (which you’ll want if you want all that volume!). This set has been shown to visibly repair damage in three uses for luscious locks and also has a long lasting fragrance! It’s important to remember that hair care is more than the products you use AFTER you get out of the shower. Your shampoo and conditioner are key! I also can’t help but love that the bottles are so pretty and gold – which just happens to match my home decor and bathroom aesthetics. Does anyone else look at color when they buy their hair care and beauty products?! 

brushing hair out with suave hair gold shampoo and conditioner

Before starting my hair tutorial, I washed my hair with the coconut infusion shampoo and conditioner and then blew my hair dry. An additional quick tip for healthy hair when drying… use a repair cream (run it through your hair while it’s wet)! I used a hairbrush to smooth out my hair while drying and to help my naturally wavy hair stay as straight as possible. This also helps me to use less heat straightening later. BTW I wanted to share a straight hair look because I’ve had a lot of requests since many people don’t have time for hot rolling and curling… or have a straighter hair type.
placing jumbo velcro rollers in hair
placing jumbo velcro rollers in hair

Since I know we all love a luxurious, voluminous look I took two jumbo velcro rollers and placed them in the top front layer of my hair (this also spares your hair additional heat damage). You’ll notice I pull the hair forward first, as that builds additional volume (because you’re pulling your hair in the opposite direction). I use bobby pins to secure them on the bottom and leave them in as long as I can while getting ready. Quick tip: If you have a thinner or finer hair type, you can spray the rollers with hairspray before removing. 

straightening hair with jumbo velcro rollers

Once I have the velcro rollers set in the top of my hair I like to straighten the rest of my hair so that it’s nice and sleek on the bottom since I will be leaving this portion of hair down. If needed, you can straighten the top portion of hair before putting into the rollers, or at least the ends.
teasing hair

smiling with teased hair
smoothing out hair
After removing the rollers I DO NOT brush my hair… if you do it will remove a lot of the volume. Instead, I take my fingers or a comb and find my natural side part. Then I separate my hair into a large back section and two front sections for teasing. Then I tease, tease, tease! I like to pull up a big section of hair from either the back section or side sections… tease, and then drop a small section, tease, and then drop a small section, and so on and so forth until I have a mountain of hair on my head lol. Again, I don’t brush my hair. I like to spray all over with hairspray (yes, it will still look crazy) let it set, and then use my fingers to smooth it out on top, especially in the front. Then I’ll use my comb to brush through my ends (without pulling too hard). Quick tip: If you have a finer or thinner hair type, try using a texturizing spray on your root before teasing to create a velcro-like texture. 
bobby pinning hair half up

half up hair tutorial
Then for the fun part! If you tease the way I described with one back section and two side sections all you really have to do is pull the hair back right above the ears, pulling the two sides together in the back. The key when teasing is to leave your part alone so when you’re done you don’t have to comb or brush through the hair to find it. Teasing will also help to hold your hair up without many bobby pins. I only used two and it stayed easily! As you can see in the back, I crisscrossed the bobby pins so they hold onto each other, creating a stronger hold. Then I recommend spraying once more with a hairspray and brushing out your ends (carefully) with a brush or comb for healthy, sleek looking hair. 

cvs reusable bag suave gold shampoo and conditioner

I definitely encourage you to try the Suave Hair Gold line if you’re looking for healthier looking hair – I’d love to hear your thoughts if you do! And if you end up shopping in store at CVS you can also pick up one of their cute reusable bags. I go to there often (by often I mean at least once a week lol) so I always take mine with me to bring home all my loot. It spares the environment and fits a lot more stuff!  

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XO Amanda