Hello Friends & Hello Monday (back so soon?)

For today’s Motivation Monday, I thought we’d talk a little bit about fashion and a lot about confidence. I’m sharing five ways to dress up your mood, and there’s no better day of the week than today! I don’t know about you, but when I feel good, or great, about what I’m wearing, my mood feels better too. Many times, when you look good, you feel better… am I right ladies & gentleman?!

That’s not to say fashion solves all problems, but there are some simple things you can do to dress up your mood and add positivity to your style. And it doesn’t mean spending tons of money.
This may seem quite simple, but color can quickly change your mood and the mood of others. They can evoke all sorts of emotions, ranging from happiness to sadness to anger, and even to hunger. For example, pink usually has a calming effect and many times, is associated with love, while yellow is cheery and warm, but can also create a feeling of frustration. Choose colors that make you feel better about yourself and that make you feel joy. For me, it’s usually neutrals or pastel hues of pink!
Accessorizing gives you the opportunity to make an outfit your own. I like to keep my “add-ons” like jewelry fairly simple for the day to day. You’ll usually find me wearing a cable ring & bracelet, a gold & green watch, several bangles, and of course, a tote large enough for three nights of travel hah. Each of these items has special meaning to me, as they were given to me by my father, my mother, my grandparents, and my boyfriend Justin. When I’m working, traveling, or just running errands for the day, I can look down and am reminded about the people that mean the most in my life (many of whom live far away), and that’s guaranteed to boost my mood.
Okay, so this tip may not be for everyone, but boy does it work well for me! It even happened when I was styling this outfit…it went from cute to wow (at least in my mind) with the addition of a great pair of nude pumps. I mean, i was pumped hahah! Okay…lame joke, forgive me. A lot of this, for me, is that I’m short, so becoming taller gives me a feeling of power and assertiveness. Many times, people think I’m under 18 years of age (and I’m almost 28), but when I wear heels it projects a more mature image. Plus, I love to dress up, and enjoy a more polished look.  
First of all, let’s keep this classy shall we?! When I say “show off your assets” I mean it in the most appropriate sense of the phrase. For example, I like my waistline, so I usually tuck shirts in the front to create a nice shape. For some it’s the legs, so a nice skinny pant will do that trick! For others, it’s shoulders, so a beautiful cut out sweater may be the ticket! You get the idea…
If all else fails, always smile. There’s nothing more inviting and welcoming than a smile. Especially when meeting new people or networking. Showing a sense of approachability can go a long way, and honestly, you never know who could use a simple, kind gesture. Smiles are contagious and the best kind of bug to catch. It also helps to exudes a certain kind of confidence!
Blanket Scarf (c/o) // Top // Jeans (c/o) // Pumps // Sunglasses // Nail Polish (forest green)

Now that we’ve talked about dressing up your mood, let’s chit chat about this gorgeous blanket scarf from Frou Frou & Frill! I realize my last three posts involved plaid, but hey, it’s fall, and you can’t have fall without plaid right?

I love the non-traditional colors of this scarf. Usually you see oranges, reds, greens, and yellows, but this pastel palette is made up of blush & nude – two of my favorites! A great pair for work, as it’s not too loud for the office. I paired mine with a pair of looser fitting high waist ankle jeans, a simple long sleeve tee, and my favorite pair of nude pumps.

Frou Frou & Frill also carries amazing handmade bangles like this and this! They also carry other fun jewels and plenty of different plaid scarves. You can follow them on Instagram @froufroufrill (trust me, it’s like eye candy) and also on Facebook.

Normally the blanket scarves are $30, but shop now to get one for $20 shipped!

The winner of the She Is Boutique Beanie is Liz S.! Congrats Liz… be on the lookout for an email from me. I hope you all have a fabulous Monday. Let me know what makes you feel gorgeous in the comment section below!


XO Amanda