holiday home decor

Happy Friday! Boy, this week seemed like a long one. I think it’s because I’ve been looking forward to next week… Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday… photo shoots, packing, travel… phew! It’s going to be exciting but super busy. Justin and I are going up to northern Virginia to see our families, who fortunately, live about an hour away from each other. It makes splitting time a little bit easier! Oh, and guess what? Justin’s family is getting a baby puppy the day after Thanksgiving! He’s so stinkin’ sweet and we can’t wait to meet his cute little face. They sent us pictures of when they went and picked him out. He’s going to be a BIG dog. Like 15 Heidi’s haha.

For today’s post I thought I’d share (1) some of our current home decor, and (2) a couple Christmas decorations we’ve purchased or are purchasing. We just ordered our tree (right now 20% off!) on Tuesday and it’s supposed to be here Monday before we leave. I’ve had my eyes on it since last year because it has patches of snow on the needles. So pretty! I’m also planning to buy the Aspen Tree Ornament Kit during the holiday sale weekend. It’s over 90 ornaments for people like us who have nothing and I’ve hear they are really good quality! And during the sale weekend they are an extra $25 off making it only $55 which I think is a total steal. The Aspen kit has cute little forest animals and a white, silver, and copper colored theme. 


I’ve gotten lots of questions about our bedding and pillows so I’ve linked our white pintuck duvet cover and leopard pillows above and below. Our comforter is a pretty popular style but I found ours for a much better price (under $60) than a lot of other places. And it looks just as nice and washes really well. The leopard pillows are not cheap but they sure are cute – and very good quality! I would keep an eye out for the boutique that sells them to do some kind of holiday sale because they usually do and that’s the time to snag them! The furry Euro pillows are major find, as they are on sale under $30 right now and are incredibly comfortable. We have two on our couch and Justin loves them. At first, he ruled out furry pillows… and then he felt them… and he changed his mind hah!

I’ve also linked my white Keurig coffee maker because I get lots of questions when I share my coffee making on Instastory. You’ll also find our new shag area rug. I researched and researched and this one got tons of incredible reviews. And they weren’t wrong. We got the 8 x 10 white with the grey diamond pattern and it’s amazing. Money well spent! I also ordered the white faux sheepskin rug above for our bathroom because we have a really long area in front of our sinks where I wanted something different from the “normal” bath mats (we already have one of those in front of the shower). This one was by far the most affordable and the quality is fabulous – it looks much more expensive! 

The tripod floor lamp is one of my favorite finds. It has amazing clear legs with gold detailing and it fit perfectly next to my vanity in our bedroom. I needed just a little more light and it definitely does the trick. It’s a little bit more modern than the rest of our house but I think it mixes well with my “chic comfortable” theme. Also, in our bedroom is this gold extendable bracelet bar. It looks so nice sitting out on our chest of drawers and right now holds all of Justin’s watches. Oh, and if you’re in need of tufted barstools, I love the ones we purchased so much! I was hesitant to order online but they are way better in person and quite comfy. We needed the 30″ stools but they also come in 25″. I like them so much I primarily work sitting on one at the counter now. 

I hope you all enjoyed today’s post and stay tuned for a Saturday and Sunday edition too. Tomorrow I’m going to share some fab finds and also some sales already happening (stores are way ahead of me!) and Sunday will be a gift guide for the coffee connoisseur


XO Amanda