Today I decided to share another home post! Last week was all about my white & gold bath, while today is all about my entryway. There’s probably nothing more important than a great first impression. When people come into my home {apartment} I want them to feel welcome and I want them to get a taste of my style. 

The way my apartments is laid out, I have a fairly long hallway that leads into my living room. On the right of this hall there is a wall where I keep a table that serves many purposes. When I come home the first thing I do is set down my keys. I do this so that my hands are free and also so that I always know where to find them. As you can see in the photos I found the most adorable key holder at Bath & Body Works {believe it or not}. This may not have been it’s original intention, but hey it has a key on it so why not! 
My favorite item that resides on my table is the lamp. I recently purchased this from TJ Maxx and love the glittery gold properties. It’s perfect for rooms with silver or gold accents and gives off he perfect amount of light. 
In addition to my keys and a light I keep dog treats in a pretty little jar from TJ Maxx, a winter candle from Bath & Body Works, and a beautiful julep vase full of white roses. Do they look real? Because they aren’t! I ordered these magnificent flowers from Joss & Main, along with several others in my home and have been so pleased! Everyone that visits thinks they are real and the quality is amazing. Whey fake flowers you ask? Well, as much as I adore real roses & peonies, keeping them alive on a busy schedule is time consuming and expensive when they need replacing. 
Under the table I purchased this cloth tub from TJ Maxx and it is the perfect size for shoes, Heidi’s harnesses and other miscellaneous items I don’t feel like bringing into the main area of my apartment. Next to this I keep my rain boots. I hate to have extra items sitting out {as I am very particular}, but it’s practical and they are usually dirty when I come in from the rain.
The accessories I keep on the wall are a round mirror with burlap bow, a mail holder from Target and the back half of a pink dog that holds Heidi’s leash and collar from IKEA.
Lastly, and most importantly, the table is from TJ Maxx. I looked for months for the perfect table for my entry. Something thin enough that had the perfect mix of modern & rustic. When I saw it sitting in the showroom of the store I knew it would be mine. It was a little pricey at $300, BUT the quality is amazing and if you find something you can’t live without, then hey girl buy it! The top of the table is a lighter wood, with the legs completely silver. The color combo is perfect and goes with the bamboo floors already a fixture of my home.
Stay tuned for next week’s home post and I hope you have a beautiful Monday!
XO Amanda