Hello Tuesday!
It’s another home post and today is all about my living room. I recently bought this couch at Grand Home Furnshings and the coffee table from Pier One {I ended up getting an amazing discount, because they discontinued some of the pieces from the Hayworth collection}. Most of my pillows are from TJ Maxx, along with the adorable gold script prints, while the TV stand is from IKEA
If you have any other questions about where things are from please let me know!
Heidi had fun modeling for this post. Every picture I took she wanted to be a part of – I think she may have a future with FORD for puppies. Funny side not: I have to keep her toys in this metal pail {from TJ Maxx}, because she eats anything cloth or soft-sided {sigh}. BUT she’s scared of the pail so after I put all of her toys away she will sit and cry in from of the pail until I dump them all out again. Such a princess!
XO Amanda