My “office space,” if you can even really call it that, is quite small. 

I bought a cute and practical corner desk from Target (which I don’t believe they sell anymore) that creates a small, but useful desk space in a section of my living room. The chair I purchased from TJ Maxx and it is so comfy! There are many similar ones at TJ Maxx & Marshalls in all sorts of colors and patterns. 
I keep a small lamp in the corner from Target for better lighting and usually flowers or candy in a dish to the left of my computer, which I keep charging while not in use. And if you can’t tell, I am really particular about minimalism. I hate having things around that just take up space, especially on my desk, so this is a true representation of what it usually looks like.
On the wall I have a ballet painting from TJ Maxx, a wooden “A” from Pottery Barn and a sketch I purchased from Target that looks just like Heidi. 
I also keep a pillow on my chair, from my grandmother, that says Kentucky & makes me smile every time I see it. On the back on my comfy chair I keep a furry throw, also from TJ Maxx. They have amazing throws as great prices! I believe this one cost $15. 
Under the desk there are two shelves which I keep tan containers for holding stationary, pens, notepads, etc. which I purchased at Bed, Bath & Beyond.

I’m excited that tomorrow (NYE) is another day & a half off work! Lots of time to blog, cuddle with Heidi and catch up on sleep (which I never have enough of). I will also be watching Frozen for the second time! Okay, I’ve been trying to Redbox Frozen for months with no luck. I told my parents and they picked it up for me for Christmas – I watched it Sunday night and, like everyone else in the world, fell in love. Such a sweet & happy movie!

XO Amanda