blended balayage angled hair cut
This may very possibly be the most requested post of ALL TIME. I get quite a few questions about my hair regularly (ya’ll are so kind, thank you), and after I had the cut & color freshened up last week, my direct message inbox has been flooded by questions asking what I had done. SO, as promised, today I’m writing a post about all things hair, with help of my sweet, sweet stylist, Kristen. I asked her to help me explain what she did in case you want to take the info. to your own stylist. 


But before we get started, a little about my hair type.

Everyone’s hair will style and look different depending on the texture, thickness, color, etc. There are lots of factors that play a part, so just keep this in mind when styling your own hair. You may need to tweak certain things or use a variation of products. My hair is very thick, naturally wavy, exceptionally frizzy (thank goodness for Moroccanoil Treatment), and it produces very little oil. I can easily go a week without washing my hair, even if I put product in it every day. It’s important to work with, not against, your hair. A good stylist will understand this and will help give you the style you want while working with what you got. 

When I was younger I used to hate my hair because I didn’t know what to do with it. No one embraced curly/wavy hair in middle and high school and I sure didn’t know how to style it properly. I remember wishing and praying for naturally straight, shiny hair. I didn’t realize that brushing through my wet wavy hair would make it even more unruly, I didn’t know what a straightener was for the longest time, and I sure as heck didn’t know how to get any volume. Now that I’m 29 and actually understand my hair type and texture, and have experimented with it A LOT, I’ve really embraced it. I realized the wave and body allow me to keep curls for days, and achieve volume beyond belief. The higher the hair the higher to heaven, right?! 

Okay, onto the good stuff!

blended balayage angled hair cut
blended balayage angled hair cut
blended balayage angled hair cut
The Cut
My hair is slightly longer in the front with face-framing layers, long point cut layers throughout, and is slightly texturized at the bottom (we ended up taking some weight out of the bottom because my hair was so thick – this way the layers lay nicer).

FYI when I was going through my consultation with Kristen I told her I love having the front of my hair longer than the back. I used to have an angled bob, and then an angled lob, and now it’s a really long angled lob haha. I also told her that I wanted “piecey” looking layers… not quite as blended as I’d had previously so when I wear it wavy it has more texture. I also usually have to get some thickness taken out of my crown or bottom of my hair so that I can tease it easier. 

The Color

I have a blended balayage with incorporated baby lights all around the front hairline, so it’s a very soft blend when I pull my hair back. Kristen smudged the root throughout to give it a more lived-in look (it also reduces the touch-up maintenance). Lastly, the highlights were lifted to a pale blonde and glazed a cooler tone as opposed to a warm.

FYI when I was discussing color with Kristen I told her I prefer a “white blonde” balayage to a “yellow blonde” since I’ve seen a more yellow toned color turn orangey in my hair over time. This is obviously personal preference, but I, personally, like a brighter color. 

Kristen’s Tips!

1. A picture is worth 1000 words (I love looking for photos I like on Pinterest).
2. Explain what you like about the picture – you can even bring pictures of what you don’t like!
3. Discuss the upkeep, be realistic about how often you will touch it up.
4. Discuss your daily routine (how often you shampoo, swim in a pool, well water, etc)
5. ALWAYS discuss any previous color on the hair. Even temporary color or color in the past few years. That can affect the outcome and the stylist needs to formulate accordingly.

How I Style My Hair At Home

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I LOVE hot rollers! They make my life so much easier, give so much body and make the ends of the hair look healthy. I like to use the jumbo rollers because my goal is volume and not lots of curls. I have a tutorial on my Instagram Highlights you can watch to see how I place the rollers throughout my hair. And sometimes at night I even sleep with jumbo velcro rollers like a mohawk down the top of my head – it’s not umcomfortable but you do have to sleep on one side or the other. The hot rollers actually act like a straightener in a way – not because they make the hair straight, but because they tame the hair and bring a lot of shine. Meaning I only have to flat iron a couple areas after I take the rollers out. Btw I keep the rollers in for 20-30 minutes.

The most common question I get is about volume and most of mine comes from teasing. I have a very inexpensive plastic comb I bought at the drugstore that I’ve been using forever. When my hair is wet I put in a volumizing mousse and thickening spray which is also really helpful (both linked)! Make sure to place the product near the roots and slightly down the shaft of the hair. You’ll really notice a difference! For extra volume or if you have a thinner hair type, you can use a texturizing spray on the root (linked) before you tease. Then I always finish with a hair oil and my favorite of all time is by Moroccanoil. 

Quick tip: When trying to achieve volume think about styling hair in the opposite direction. If blow drying with a round brush, pull the hair in the opposite direction. When placing hot rollers in the top section of your hair, pull it forward first and roll it back. Styling opposite like this gives a tone of volume because when you flip it to the correct side it naturally lifts. 

I hope this was helpful to all of you who have asked! If you have additional questions please leave them in the comments below. You’ll also find Kristen’s info. below if you’re local and would like her to give you fabulous hair! She’s so nice to work with and really goes the extra mile.

Kristen Rocha
Bliss Studio 
Roanoke, VA
@blissstudiova on Instagram

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XO Amanda