A cluttered space makes a cluttered mind. If you’re seeking to ditch the dread that comes with too much stuff, there are plenty of inspired ideas for creating a neat and nest-worthy nook. Whether you’re residing in a super small studio or a one-bedroom apartment, there are clever always ways to create a cute and chic space. 

Here are a few ideas for organizing your own domestic paradise.

When organizing a small space, it’s important to get creative and not be afraid to think outside the box. A closet space can serve to function as an office and dressing room. A desk doubles as a vanity for applying makeup and doing hair while also serving as a spot for business. Making use of every square inch of a tiny space will be the best strategy for designing a comfortable and functional home.
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 Even the smallest sleeping chambers can be transformed into a tranquil and stylish space. For creating a guest bedroom with flair, it’s important to pick a palette of colors that will give a room added warmth. Dusty pinks, snowy whites and a few hints of gold give a room modern edge while offering comfort and coziness. Custom drapes are a smart idea for creating the feel of an airy boho lair. Knit pillows, a quilt comforter and natural hide rug offer guests plenty of excuses to turn in early.
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Even if you’re renting an apartment, there are ways to add storage solutions to a small kitchen. From hanging and removable shelving and pot racks to hooks for coffee mugs and wall spice organizers, there are always ways to create more free space in a tiny eating area. A magnetic knife strip works well to keep cutlery from cluttering the countertops. Additionally, for those with little cook nooks, an island doubles as a dining spot and meal prep station.
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A small bathroom usually requires additional cabinets and hanging storage to make it functional and workable. Making friends with baskets and bins is a smart strategy for keeping toiletries organized and disguised. Pretty bottles and perfumes can be stored in plain sight as eye candy, while sponges and towels can also be kept on exposed shelving. Vertical and wall storage is always smart in a petite powder room.
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For those who live in a loft or studio, large shelving units keep a space from becoming a clutter zone. From a corner desk to a large bookshelf, designing a space with limited room requires a few pieces of storage-friendly furniture. A modest bed and small seating area give this space more practicality while colorful framed art make this room feel artsy and alive.
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