White Pineapple Tee // Distressed Braided Short // Bow Espadrille Wedges // Tortoise Sunglasses // Bright Bangles // Stud Earrings // Pineapple Coin Purse // Neverfull GM Tote // Orange-Red Lip & Liner
Happy Monday! Today I’m going to talk about how what you wear can change your mood, for the better. Below you’ll find several tips on how to always be happy when wearing your clothes (and accessories) – they might even make someone else’s day brighter!
1 // Clean out your clothes. It’s that time of year – spring cleaning! And it all starts with cleaning out your closet so you know what you have and what you need. If you haven’t worn something in a year, or even six months, it’s probably time to say “bye-bye.” I know this can be hard when you’ve spent a lot of money on certain items, but they don’t do you any good if you never wear them. Instead, clear your mind and sell or donate so someone else can love them. Once you’ve cleaned out once, or twice, or three times, you’ll be left with only pieces you love and enjoy. 

2 // Create a color palette. Now for your signature color palette. I discussed this in another post recently, but having a set of colors you look for each season is a great way to create a cohesive wardrobe. For example, for spring, I’m loving blush, black, white. grey, and navy. And for prints and textures, I’m embracing embroidery, eyelet, and floral. Because I’m loving mostly neutrals with a splash of pastel, it’s easy to mix and match (and it makes for a nice Instagram theme hah!).

3 // Add some color to your skin. Another way to feel your best is to add a little color to your skin. I know for me, when I’m looking pasty and pale, I don’t feel that great about myself. This is obviously personal preference, but a little self-tanning mousse goes a long way! Every Thursday or Friday I’ll layer on some Loving Tan (the BEST self-tanner out there) and it gives the most beautiful glow. It’s safe, easy to use, and gives me a boost of confidence! You can also use a gradual tanning lotion, like the Jergens version, for a daily dose of color. 

4 // Choose a bright lip. I’ve been absolutely loving a bright lip lately. You’ve probably seen in my posts, like today, that a bright pink and a hot orange are some of my favorites. It’s funny what a lipstick color can do to your appearance and your mood. Some make you feel sultry, others more mature, some make your lips look fuller, others more playful. All with a simple color change! It might sound funny but I feel like a bright lip can also make others happy. It’s a great way to make a positive statement in a simple way. 

5 // Add fun pops of color with accessories. Like my bracelets above, another way to boost your mood using accessories is to add a pop of color. Or several colors. I love incorporating neon pinks and yellows with a neutral outfit during spring and summer. I usually pick bracelets or earrings (one or the other) to make a statement (and on occasion both). You can even add an accessory to your tote like the pineapple coin case on my bag above. 

6 // Wear comfortable [cute] shoes.  Shoes. Always a mood booster. Who doesn’t love a fabulous pair of shoes?! The pair I’m wearing above with the side bow absolutely make my day! And they are incredibly comfortable which makes them even better. There’s nothing worse than a beautiful pair of shoes that leave your feet blistered and battered – pain is beauty, right? Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. A great pair of comfortable shoes will put some pep in your step all day long! 

7 // Paint on a bright nail. Don’t forget your nails. They are just as much a part of your outfit and may even get more attention that anything else. Most people are quite expressive with their hands, and you probably shake hands and point out details using your fingers at work. Even if you use a clear polish, having tidy, neat nails is a must. And painting them a pretty hue is even better! I know I love the color and sound my nails make when I’m typing on my keyboard at work (all. day. long.). Currently, my nails are acrylic, oval shaped, and the color is actually an acrylic powder – which is awesome because it stays on for so long and the color can’t chip.

8 // Choose a graphic tee. A graphic tee, like the one I’m wearing above, is a great way to express a positive mood. Mine has an adorable pineapple and says Always be happy. They also have one (that I’ve linked below) that has a “unicone” with a picture of a unicorn in an ice cream cone lol. There are lots of really affordable tees out there with cute sayings about coffee, happiness, weekends, vacation, etc. Again, a great way to bring a smile to the face of anyone who sees your shirt and there are lots of ways to wear a simple graphic tee. With white pants, detailed jean shorts, a tulle skirt, under overalls (I need to get a pair!), or with a jean or leather jacket. 

9 // Keep it casual & simple. Chanel once said before you leave the house you should take off one item, to keep from over accessorizing. It can be tempting to wear all of your favorites all at the same time, but I find my favorite outfits are the simple ones. Channel your inner Jennifer Aniston. Or let one accessory stand out amongst the rest. This season tops come with such amazing detailing you may not even need an accessory – stripes, ruffles, bell sleeves, off the shoulder, embroidery, etc. 

10 // Smile. Lastly, when all else fails, smile. It’s your best accessory anyways! 


XO Amanda