SO… I cut off my hair!!!!
I had such an amazing and kind response to my new hair via Instagram and Faebook yesterday that I just had to share my new cut on Pardon Muah. If you’ve known me since college I used to have my hair in a short angled (very blonde) bob. When I was a Junior at the University of Kentucky (go cats!) I decided to give my hair to Locks of Love. Once I cut off 10+ inches of my hair, going shorter and shorter and blonder and blonder became easier and easier to do.
I know that it probably gives many of you long-haired gals anxiety to even think about chopping off so many inches, but I find it extremely liberating and lightening. Plus I think it’s a much more polished look for my chosen career field. About a week ago I got an itch to make a drastic change to my hair and before I let myself chicken out, I cut it off! I thought about doing the LOB, but I’m an all or nothing girl so I went straight for the angled bob. Plus, it wasn’t so shocking since I’ve had it this way before.
I am very fortunate to be blessed with very thick, quickly growing hair. It’s so thick that my hairstylist had to thin out the bottom a couple of times so that it would lay nicely. The thickness makes for a very full look which gives my hair plenty of body. As for the color, I have sombre balayage. Balayage is a very popular hair coloring technique that has become quite the buzz word. Instead of getting highlights, she hand painted the bottom of my hair so that the roots stay my natural color (which is fantastic, because it doesn’t show grow out). I absolutely love the result!
As for shortening my styling time, there is a definite give and take. I will be able to use less shampoo, conditioner, & product and my blow dry time will be less, but with my hair this short I have to style it every day. I have thick, wavy, frizzy, coarse hair, so when it is less weighed down it really needs the help of a round brush and a straightener. I won’t be wearing my hair naturally curly any time soon, but I’m looking forward to styling with my curling wand. Luckily, I rarely wear a ponytail or put my hair up so I’m not worried about that at all.
I really hope you all enjoy and have a Happy Friday! Thank you for all the wonderful compliments and kind words – it’s so nice to know there are such sweet people in this world!

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XO Amanda