Hello Friends! 

It feels so, so good to be blogging again today!

I’m sure all of you are wondering, “Girl, where in the world did you go?!

I want to start by apologizing for the long lack of posts and disappearance of my social media accounts for several weeks. Due to the magnitude of a huge move, living out of boxes, the chaos of shipping my life 2300 miles, leaving my job, traveling to visit family, and contemplating where I want Pardon Muah to go, I made the decision to deactivate my blog and all it’s accounts so that I could concentrate 100% on the biggest life change I’ve ever experienced. I appreciate everyone’s patience and am so happy to now share my cross country move!

At the beginning of March, Heidi and I jumped on a plane and headed for Sacramento to officially start our new life. If you’d asked me a couple years ago if I would move out of Kentucky I would have told you, “No Way!” But after graduate school I decided to spread my wings and accepted a job in Roanoke, VA. I lived there for almost three years and made so many wonderful, life-changing, supportive friends. It was an experience I needed and moving away from home gave me a new sense of self and independence. 

I started Pardon Muah after moving to Virginia as a creative outlet and a way to share my interests and love of beauty, fashion and makeup. It started as purely an enjoyable past time, but turned into something so much more. I truly love my little blog and have invested so much time and energy into the process. Separating myself for over two months has been very, very hard, but the absence has given me perspective and time to think about a new direction and fresh content. 

I know most of you are wondering and wanting to know…”Why California Amanda?

See photo below.

Enough said :).

As I stated above, I’ve had some time (a lot of time) to contemplate where I want this blog to go and more importantly, what will be its purpose? I follow quite a few blogs and gravitate towards the ones that are bright, happy, and drenched in sparkle. I want Pardon Muah to exude similar qualities while also adding something important into the mix – and that’s building confidence. So many times we focus so hard on making the outside pretty, we forget to build up the most important part – the inside.

To truly enjoy makeup, hair, and fashion, you need to dedicate time to self love. The most confident [and kind-hearted] girl in the room tends to shine the brightest. So I’ve decided to dedicate a large part of this blog to motivation, health and self-confidence. As you can see by the new menu bar at the top of the screen, PM will focus on three topics – beauty, style and confidence

For now, I will be posting three days a week (as I’m currently a full time job hunter) and I’ve dedicated one subject to each day.

Motivate Me Monday (all things confidence building and health related)
Wear It Wednesday (styled outfit shoots and fabulous finds)
FYI – this Wednesday’s post will feature the dress I’m wearing above and all the details
Face It Friday (makeup, hair, skincare + monthly favorites)

I can’t wait to bring you along on my new adventures. This move gives me a chance to share so much more and a way to keep all of my friends & family in the know. I hope you’ll come along and I’m so happy to have you following!

Also, don’t forget to follow via social media! You’ll find a button for Facebook, Bloglovin’,  Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram in the top right corner of the page under my photo. AND I’ve finally started using Snapchat – @pardonmuahsnaps!
XO Amanda