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flower crown mouse snapchat filter

EEEK! I literally cannot contain my excitement, you guys! I’ve chomping at the bit to share my Halloween costume and I’m so happy I can finally unveil my creation. If you don’t use Snapchat™ or haven’t seen this filter, I’m the Flowercrown Mouse! I had so much fun making this costume and love that it actually ended up being super quick and easy to create. It would be a great option for someone in a pinch or without much time! You can even wear your normal clothing like my sweater I paired with to match. I absolutely love the way it turned out!

flower crown mouse snapchat filter
flower crown mouse snapchat filter
flower crown mouse snapchat filter

flower crown mouse snapchat filter
flower crown mouse snapchat filter
flower crown mouse snapchat filter

flower crown mouse snapchat filter
flower crown mouse snapchat filter
flower crown mouse snapchat filter
flower crown mouse snapchat filter
flower crown mouse snapchat filter
flower crown mouse snapchat filter

target halloween costume supplies


  1. Suave Dry Shampoo
  2. Suave Hair Spray
  3. Black pipe cleaners
  4. A plain headband 
  5. Artificial flowers
  6. Curling wand/iron
  7. Black eyeliner
  8. A hot glue gun
  9. Scissors

Above you’ll find all the tools and supplies you’ll need to create the Flower Crown Mouse. It’s quite inexpensive and you can find all of the items at your local Target! Half of the items can be found in the beauty section and the other half in the craft area. I’m going to list quick & easy step by step directions below, in addition to some info. about the dry shampoo & hairspray I used. 


Step One – Prep your supplies! Plug in your glue gun, grab your headband, cut the individual flowers from their stems, and pull out four pipe cleaners from their packaging. 

Step Two: Start with the pipe cleaners. I cut two of the pipe cleaners down a bit since the inside portion of the ear is smaller. Bend the pipe cleaners so you have an idea of how high you want them to sit on your headband and then twist the ends around the base of the headband until secure. Then repeat on the other side! (If you mess up here it’s okay because you didn’t glue anything down. Simply untwist, and redo. Also, not gluing the pipe cleaners allows you to move them up and down the headband, if you need to fix the placement.)

Step Three: Before you start gluing figure out where you want your flowers to be placed. I mixed up the colors and the sizes for a little variety like the real filter. Once you have them placed, carefully glue them on, starting with the middle flower, to the front portion of the headband so that when you put it on the flowers face forward and not directly up. (While the glue is drying you can tweak their direction a bit if needed!)

Step Four: Make sure everything is set and dry, then you’re ready to move on to hair and makeup! The fun part right?! I like to do my makeup first so I can pull my hair out of my face. The mouse portion of the makeup is really easy! I took a black eyeliner pencil and drew two small whiskers on each cheek, and a little mouse nose in the shape of a heart. I also use a little bit of white eyeliner to create some definition on one side of my nose. (The other makeup used was a bright pink blush, false lashes for a big lash effect like the filter, and a pretty pink, sparkly gloss.) 

Step Five: Now onto BIG hair! Since the costume itself is pretty simple, I wanted big voluminous curls to go along with it. Which should be no surprise to all of you who have been following me for a while! Additionally, teasing and curling the hair helps the headband to stay in place and gives you definition around the big ears and flowers. 

>> First, I like to refresh my hair with dry shampoo! I used Suave’s Dry Shampoo to create a clean canvas, and more texture & volume. Lately, I’ve been using dry shampoo before bed so when I wake up my hair is nice and revived. Something to think about the night before Halloween! Suave Dry Shampoo is a brand NEW product designed for colored hair. It absorbs oil and refreshes hair while leaving it smooth and manageable. For extra volume, I like to concentrate the dry shampoo at my roots.

>> Here’s a quick & easy tip for curling your hair! Tie your hair into three ponytails (I like to use the plastic spiral bands as they don’t crease the hair). Then taking your curling wand or curling iron, simply twist the pony around the barrel. If you’d like smaller curls, just split each pony into two or three sections when curling. 

>> After you’ve let your hair cool down (this is crucial), give your hair a quick fine mist of Suave Hair Spray, and release the ponytails. Carefully shake out your curls with your fingers OR use a brush to gently brush hair in the direction of the curls (I always curl away from the face). 

>>Then if you’re me, and like big, voluminous hair, spray your roots with Suave Hair Spray and tease, tease, tease. The hairspray creates a velcro-like texture that helps the hair lift. Then, once hair is all in place how you like it, spray all over once more.

Step Six: Put on your mouse flower crown headband and you’re ready for a spooky Halloween party!

I really hope you all enjoyed today’s Halloween blog post! I’m almost certain I’ve never shared any kind of costume tutorial on Pardon Muah before and it was so much fun to photograph and create. I also made a Pinterest inspiration board HERE with some other fabulous Snapchat filter looks. There are so many fun ones and most are super easy. I’ve included links to the products I mentioned today on the board, along with some skincare favs (seen in the supplies photo up above) I’ll be sharing in a second post closer to Halloween.

Make sure to stop by your local Target October 27th 
– November 3rd for 25% off Suave Hair!

Thank you again to Mirum for sponsoring today’s post!

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XO Amanda