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snapchat flower crown mouse filter costume

Hopefully, you saw part one of this Halloween post two weeks ago! If not, I will link it HERE so you can check out how I turned myself into a Snapchatfilter. It’s so easy!

For part two, I wanted to share some products I picked up at Target perfect for removing makeup, especially when it’s on the heavier side. You’ll probably need more help than usual getting off lots of costume foundation, falsies, fancy glitter, paint, fake blood lol… you name it lets remove it! 

snapchat flower crown mouse filter costume

Alright, let’s talk makeup removal! Chances are, you’re probably wearing more makeup than usual on Halloween to complete your costume, and the last thing you want to do is leave any residue behind after a night of tricks & treats. It took me many years to realize that you can’t “just” wash your face. It takes several important steps to make sure your skin is squeaky clean (hahaha get… SQUEAKy clean… #mousehumor). 

snapchat flower crown mouse filter costume
Let’s start by getting all of that makeup & residue off!

Was anyone else first introduced to Pond’s Cold Cream Cleanser by their mom? This product is actually fairly nostalgic for me. My mom would always let me borrow hers when I was removing my performance makeup after a ballet performance. Even the smell takes me back to my days dancing in the Nutcracker at Christmas time. 

I can confidently say this stuff will remove even the thickest of makeup. And the plus side is that it won’t leave your face feeling tight and dry because it’s 50% moisturizer (the perfect product for Fall and Winter). I like to take a generous amount and rub it in all over my face into the skin. You can even use it on your eyes, just be careful not to get it IN your eyes. Trust me, it’ll do the job.

snapchat flower crown mouse filter costume
Next, cleanse, cleanse, cleanse!
Lately, whether I’m using an oil cleanser or a cream I like to remove the product with a facial wipe (and then if needed, will use a washcloth). I find that I get off even more product by using a cleansing wipe, AND it means less laundry if you don’t have to get a towel dirty! The Simple Cleansing Wipes are ah-mazing. They are super gentle, dermatologist tested, and great for sensitive skin. They don’t contain any artificial colors, perfumes, or harsh chemicals – plus no greasy residue!

They even have an aqua-locktechnology that keeps them from drying out.
snapchat flower crown mouse filter costume
No makeup left behind – get all the nooks and crannies! 

After cleansing my skin with the cold cream and a wipe (or two), I like to make absolutely sure there aren’t any traces of makeup left. And with Halloween makeup, it’s not a bad idea to cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! I have to be careful with any kind of toning product because of my sensitive skin so Simple Micellar Cleansing Water is my go-to for a similar effect that is gentle. It boosts skin’s hydration by 90% AND you don’t have to wash it off. I cannot even tell you how many bottles I’ve gone through.
Now that I have eyelash extensions I use Q-tips to carefully remove my eye makeup (micellar water is safe for your lash extensions btw!). I go through SO many every single day while doing my makeup and taking it off that I usually buy the 500 or 750 pack to stay stocked up. I like to keep them in a decorative container at my sink and also on my vanity.

And voila! A makeup-free, cleansed face… 
ready for a late night screening of a spooky movie and lots of candy…
because, hey, calories don’t count on a holiday!

I hope all of you have an incredible and safe Halloween tomorrow. Don’t forget to check out Target for all of your makeup removal needs – Simple products are 25% off until November 3rd!

Thank you, again, to Mirum for sponsoring today’s post!
XO Amanda