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1. Elf Kabuki Face BrushHands down, this is my favorite kabuki brush of all time, and it’s so. incredibly. affordable. Usually I find less expensive brushes are lesser quality, but in this case it’s far from the truth. I’ve had mine for well over four years now and it’s still going strong. It doesn’t shed, washes well, and is very soft to the touch. I mainly use it to blend my Victoria’s Secret powder body bronzer or to make sure my foundation blends evenly down my face and neck. 

2. Target Oh Joy! Dotty Acrylic TableI’ve wanted this little table from Target for the longest time and I’m shocked they still have it in stores and online. I didn’t purchase it until recently, because it’s quite expensive and small in size. But last week I finally found the perfect use for it! I usually wake up an hour earlier than Justin, which means the lights in our bedroom come on and usually i make a decent amount of noise. So I’ve moved my “get ready” area into our spare room and this little table works really well. I keep a light on top, my makeup brushes, and an awesome hot iron holder (here). + I got it for 30% off because the top was scratched and Target was having a deal on side tables. 

3. MAC Lipglass in (shade Underage) + 4. Dior Lip Maximizer (001). Lately, I’ve been loving this lip combo. I love a light nude lip and this does the trick! I put on the lip maximizer first and then place Underage over top. It’s a sheer wash of color with lots of shine + plumping action.

5. MAC 128 Duo Fibre BrushRecently I started wearing my MAC face & body foundation a lot more often in an effort to wear less makeup. I’ve never really liked a classic foundation brush, but I’ve been loving the application of the 128. It’s a duo fibre brush, meaning one side is synthetic and the other is real hair. I use the synthetic side so that it doesn’t soak up so much product. The brush is also dense enough to keep foundation from sliding all over my face.

6. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer (Bronzer)I’ve talked about this bronzer on Instagram and am still enjoying! I can’t get over the amazing smell – it smells like coconut scented tanning lotion (and I mean that in the best way possible). It blends in beautifully on the skin and the color is just dark enough. For darker skin tones it may be a little too light unless they come out with a darker shade.

7. MAC 168 Brush. A second fav brush this month, and it’s also from MAC. I don’t think I’ve ever talked about it here on the blog, but it’s been a favorite for a long time now. The 168 is made of real hair and is probably the softest brush I own. I use it to apply my bronzer – the shape makes it easy to achieve a contour and to get around the angles of the face. A must have!

8. Target plastic binWhile rearranging our spare room last week I decided this would be the perfect bin to keep my makeup in underneath the dotty table. Now, I obviously can’t fit all my makeup inside, but I like to pick out my products for the day or week and place them in the bin. It makes getting ready so much easier!

9. MAC face & body foundation (shade N2). I first purchased face & body many years ago, but never really wore it. I love the light sheen of color it gives the skin, but I just didn’t like it on me. Recently, after working to smooth and even out my skin, I tried it again, and now I like it so much more! Great for work or for the weekend when you want “no makeup” makeup.

10. Scotch tape. Okay, I know what you’re thinking…”Scotch tape?! A beauty favorite?!” And yes it is! I’ve been using it as a guide for my liquid liner to achieve the perfect cat eye. It makes getting ready for work in the morning so much quicker! Just place a small piece upward in line with the end of your eyebrow. Then use eye shadow and liner and simply remove for a super straight line (apply before foundation and face products)
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! It’s going to be hottt here in California so I’m planning to test out several new products, including Maybelline’s Fit Me Foundation & Concealer and Loreal’s Sublime Bronze Body Makeup Lotion (which states to be transfer and sweat resistant). I’ll update you all soon as to what I think and if they hold up in the crazy temps.

XO Amanda