Tank (old), but love this and this and this! // Pants // Shoes // Sunglasses // Lipgloss // Nail Polish
I remember the first time I ever saw a girl wearing a pair of palazzo pants and I immediately loved them. She had them on with a pair of wedges and the length and shape were incredibly flattering. Since then, I’ve owned a couple pairs, but they were all pretty casual and I ended up mostly wearing them around the house. Luckily, palazzo pants still haven’t gone out of style and I’m swooning over this pair from Target – and only $19.99! The material is very light weight so you can wear them throughout the spring and summer, and they are wide enough to not stick to your legs. 
Keep in mind, these pants are long if you are short, like myself. I could have had mine hemmed, but I ended up finding the best pair of Jessica Simpson wedges to make up the difference! FYI I’m 5’2″ and my shoes are close to 7 inches tall. I know this seems excessive, but they have a 3 inch platform in the front which makes them really comfortable. AND I feel they make my legs look a mile long, which is such a rare and wonderful feeling! 
Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find this tank online anymore. It’s from Lush Clothing, one of my favorite brands – and very affordable (I usually purchase from Nordstrom)! Note: Their tops usually run true to size or a little large depending on the style and shape. I’ve linked some similar and equally cute tanks above. 
Funny story. The day we shot these photos we were planning to go out to the mall after for a little shopping and lunch. But when we went to start my car it wouldn’t. Somehow the lights, which are automatic, were manually turned on and ran the (new) battery right down. Per usual I started to stress and worry while Justin went into “Mr. Fix It” mode. Before I knew it he’d taken the battery out of his car, placed it on top of mine, and restarted my car. Problem solved! I can’t even express how nice it is to have someone around who can fix all the house, car and technological problems. Need a party planned? Need your suitcase packed in an orderly fashion? Need your closet organized? I’m your girl! Cable go out? Car need an oil change? Buy IKEA furniture with 800 parts? Justin’s the man!
Thanks for reading! I’ll be back Friday with some more beauty 101!
XO Amanda