sitting at desk in target rose and shine sweatshirt
sitting at desk in target rose and shine sweatshirt
As many of you know, I’ve been working to master a new morning routine by waking up earlier so my days are more productive. So far, I’ve been more successful than I’d originally anticipated. Now, that’s not to say there haven’t been a couple days I got up after 7 and I don’t stick to my 6 am wake up calls on the weekend (I think it’s important to let my body get up on its own at least one day a week… usually on Sunday). I even started a hashtag group on Instagram #teamriseandshine so that my readers and followers can join my morning movement. I’ve loved all the early morning shoutouts and coffee pics! 


sitting at desk in target rose and shine sweatshirt
sitting at desk in target rose and shine sweatshirt
I’ve quickly realized, and have probably always known, getting up earlier helps me get more done, be more productive, and avoid working long into the night. Being able to work at all hours is easier said than done, as I’m working part-time remotely, and am also blogging full-time. Both are jobs I can do from anywhere at any time (unless I have a conference call, appointment, or photoshoot). It’s easy to catch myself on my computer and phone ALL DAY long (it’s so hard not to answer messages and comments right away when I see them) and right now, I’m constantly trying to get ahead. I feel guilty when I have true downtime. I end up wanting to share an outfit photo, some items on sale, plan blog posts, or search for new opportunities. I realize this isn’t healthy, so the last two Sunday’s I’ve allowed myself to sleep in, stay in my pj’s, watch endless hours of TV, and cuddle with Heidi girl. It has really helped me to recharge and destress. 

I’m definitely not perfect and many days my schedule deviates because I don’t work a 9-5 and dictate my own schedule. This sounds fabulous in theory, and I won’t lie, working from home is wonderful, but you HAVE to hold yourself accountable to getting all of your work done and checking off all your to-do’s. I find it really helpful to read and learn about other people’s schedules because it motivates me to do more and pushes me to achieve new goals. Something that helps me to stay organized and on track is keeping everything in order (I talked about this in greater depth in a recent post HERE). Lately, I try to make sure that everything is picked up before I go to bed, whether it’s laundry, dishes, random things laying around, etc. And I also do my best to keep things tidy throughout the day. Instead of saying I’ll do it later, I just do it. Keeping things together and under control keeps me focused, and my mind at ease.

sitting at desk in target rose and shine sweatshirt

sitting at desk in target rose and shine sweatshirt

Many times, my anxiety has actually been my biggest deterrent when it comes to getting up on time. Mornings are the hardest part of the day for me… really just the time between my alarm going off and me setting my feet on the floor. I don’t know why, but I’ve always felt incredibly sluggish, have a deep urge to go back to sleep, and some days, for whatever reason, am hit in the face with a feeling of angst and worry. It can be really bothersome and hard to control, especially because I’m half-awake and choosing sleep over getting up is quite easy. Fridays have always been easiest because I’m looking forward to the weekend – I can literally pop out of bed as soon as I realize what day it is. Which leads me to believe it’s all a mind shift change. I need to remove the black cloud hanging over the other four days of the week…. something to work on!

Below you’ll find my (ideal) weekday work schedule and what I strive to stick to each day. 
(Quick disclaimer: since I work for myself there are many days I work a lot more than 8 hours. I try to make sure I’m putting in a “normal” schedule of hours each day but usually, it’s more. My work just doesn’t always look like work… i.e. posting on social media, shopping for clothes, etc.)

6:00 am Wake up!
I always set a 6:15 am alarm just in case.

6:30 am Take out Heidi 
and tidy up the house. I like to take this time to start some laundry, unload the dishwasher, start coffee for both Justin and myself, take my morning medication, etc. I also turn on the news to stay current on what’s happening in the world. 

7:00 am Coffee & cleaning up emails
from both my blog inbox, work inbox, and personal inbox. Too many emails piling up gives me a lot of anxiety because it worries me I’ll forget something or miss a new brand deal. I always clean them up first thing so only the important emails remain. 

8:00 am Get work organized for the day
and answer emails that require a quick response. I love making to-do lists and basically survive with the help of my planner and notebook. I like to go through my day hour by hour, make a list of to-do’s, and also go through old lists to carry over anything I didn’t get finished the week or day before.

9:00 am Skincare + makeup & hair
if I’m taking photos. If I’m not taking photos or filming on stories I normally don’t do my makeup and hair because it’s really a waste of time and product. If this is the case, I simply apply a luminous serum, moisturizer, and eye cream (all in my winter skincare routine). Then I get to work! I’m also a huge fan of Live with Kelly & Ryan and like having this on in the background while I start checking off my to-do list.

10:00 am Work 
on blog planning, content creation, my part-time job tasks (I work part-time 15 hours a week right now), searching for new opportunities, watching webinars, etc. 

12:00 pm Lunchtime break 
although many days I work and eat because I get so engrossed in what I’m doing. I usually make a quick salad, sandwich or soup that will tide me over until dinner (or my next snack lol). If I take a true lunch break I will watch an episode of a show on Netflix (right now I’m watching Reign – it’s so good!).

1:00 pm Continue working
on anything and everything I need to get done. Usually, during this time I’ll do try-on sessions, if I have them planned, or run errands if needed.  

5:00 pm Answer emails and organize work
for the next day, including updating my to-do list and making a new one for tomorrow. I like to leave my work in order so I’m not overwhelmed or disorganized.

6:00 pm Start on dinner
for Justin and I. Normally during the week, I cook dinner since Justin works long hours and usually hits the gym before coming home. We are fairly routine and usually eat salmon, lean turkey tacos, or baked chicken. I like to have everything ready to go by the time Justin arrives – which is not a request by him, I just enjoy doing it!

6:30/7 pm Justin comes home 
and we eat dinner! Sometimes we eat earlier if he skips the gym, but usually, it’s around 6:30 or so. We don’t have dining room furniture yet so we eat on the couch and watch Netflix. But who am I kidding?! This won’t change when we have a dining table haha. 

8:00 pm Relax and finish any unfinished blog posts
for the next day. If I’m organized and done for the day I’ll pour myself a glass of wine and wind down. If I still need to work on a blog post, I’ll make a cup of coffee and finish things up while watching TV. Usually, Justin is in his man cave catching up on sports so I watch my fav girly shows on Bravo. 

11:00 Bedtime (I try my best but many days stay up later)
I know this is horrible but I usually settle in while watching Instagram Stories and answering comments and direct messages. It actually calms me down and keeps me from feeling inundated the next day. I make it a point to answer EVERY comment and message so sometimes this takes a while – but I love it! Justin is in bed before me 99% of the time so if I catch up on messages in bed, I wear my headphones so I don’t wake him up.

sitting at desk in target rose and shine sweatshirt
sitting at desk in target rose and shine sweatshirt
I hope this post was helpful for any of you thinking about changing your daily schedule or who are trying to get your day started earlier. It’s always nice to know you aren’t alone. I see so many morning people on social media and I’m always thinking, “Why not me?!” So let’s do it together! If you’re following me on Instagram @pardonmuahinsta make sure to tag me and hashtag #teamriseandshine on your early morning photos! 

Have a wonderful Monday!



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