I know we’re only a week away from Christmas (can you believe it?!), and the shipping windows are closing or have closed, BUT.. I couldn’t help but share some of my favorite holiday coffee mugs here on the blog. As most of you know, I’m a coffee mug connoisseur and can never have enough. I have a separate cabinet just for seasonal cups! And this year I’ve found some really cute Christmas/holiday additions.

One of my favorites is the It’s An Add To Cart Kind Of Day.. I mean isn’t it always haha?! It’s a mug I need and plan to use all year round. Along with the cutie multi-color Dog Person mug. A great gift idea for the animal lover in your life for not only xmas, but birthdays too!



In case you’re in the market I thought I would link my coffee makers in this post too. Y’all I own three, not kidding. I have two downstairs on my kitchen counter, and one smaller one in my office. I’ve even have a small fridge to keep water bottles in to refill it!

I get asked a lot if I prefer the Keurig or the Nespresso, but honestly I don’t know that I can answer one way or the other. I’ve had Keurig’s the longest and I find it the quickest and easier option. You can even buy a refillable filter and use your own ground coffee! The Nespresso (ON SALE!) is definitely better tasting quality coffee (fancy coffee), and I prefer it for special occasions or when having guests over. My machine makes a smaller cup, since it’s stronger espresso, so it also makes a great mid afternoon treat.

BTW my white Keurig in my kitchen was discontinued so I’m linking the newer version. I also linked to multiple places!


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XO Amanda

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