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I cannot believe that 2019 is only a couple of hours away! Crazy that 2018 went by so quickly… I mean seriously, where did it go?! It feels like yesterday that Justin and I were moving back to VA.

I asked on Instagram which people would prefer to see… a 2018 Beauty Favs or an IG Round-up, and beauty favs won! So today I’m sharing my TOP TEN NEW BEAUTY FAVS OF 2018. I say new, because they were all new to me, not necessarily new to the market, if that makes sense. There are so many amazing products and I could have gone on forever, so that’s how I ultimately decided.


Below you will find my top ten favs and descriptions of why I love each one so much!
(in no particular order)

1. KENRA DRY VOLUME BURST I would say that 70% of the questions I get are about hair and many of those are about volume. This year I found the most AMAZING product for voluminous locks and seriously haven’t used anything since! I’m not quite sure why this spray is so superior to others but boy, it sure is. I like to spray at the root before teasing with a comb, and trust me, your hair will be a mile high! I’ve also found that if I use it sparingly my hair doesn’t feel gritty or dirty after. And it smells nice too. I have a tutorial on IGTV showing how I tease my hair if you are interested!

2. ST. TROPEZ SELF TAN EXTRA DARK For years I only used Loving Tan. Bottles and bottles of Loving Tan. I still recommend it, but I found a self-tanner I like even better! It’s easier to apply as the formula is less slippery, so it sticks to the skin quicker. The color is darker and truer to a real “after vacation.” I use mine with the mitt from Loving Tan and highly recommend because of the soft, durable material (it’s linked under SHOP THE POST). I’ve had lots of requests for a self-tanning routine so maybe this year I will finally film one!

3. MAC FIX+ PINK LITE If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I swear by MAC Fix+. Earlier this year they came out with a Pink Lite version that has a pink toned sheen and OMG, does it make a difference in what my makeup looks like. I like to apply it before my mascara (since it can make it wet) for an all over, beautiful, dewy glow. It also helps your makeup to blend nicely into the skin.

4. YSL TOUCHE ECLAT ALL-IN-ONE GLOW FAVORITE FOUNDATION EVER right here! The most beautiful consistency that leaves the skin well-covered and glowing. It’s technically called a tinted moisturizer online but really it’s a medium coverage foundation. I wear the color B50 which is the perfect match when I’m self-tanning. The packaging is really easy to use (and so pretty) as it comes with a convenient cap & pump you can easily apply directly to your brush. I own the full coverage version from YSL too and love it for photoshoots as it gives incredible coverage. 

5. KOPARI LIP GLOSSY I was given one of these lip glosses at the 2018 RewardStyle Conference and at first, didn’t really understand the hype. I also always assumed it was colored as the packaging is a bright pinkish red. But Y’all… the hype is true! This is the most incredible gloss I’ve ever used and has saved my lips from dryness and irritation. I’ve since bought several more and have them in my bathroom and purse so one is always on hand. It’s completely clear, made with coconut oil and smells AMAZING!

6. KENRA DEEP DETOX SCRUB Another fabulous Kenra product! I cannot even tell you how much I love this detox scrub. At first, I was a little scared of it, as I am with most hair products because my hair is colored, and I’ve never heard of a “scrub” for your hair. But let me tell you… it is probably my most reached for shower product now. It’s an intense weekly clarifier, and if you’re like me, and don’t have to wash your hair often (which can lead to product build-up), you need this in your life. I use it once a week (well, every time I wash my hair since I only wash once a week) between my shampoo and conditioner. I leave it on for about five minutes and then rinse out. It literally leaves your hair SQUEAKY CLEAN! Not kidding, my hair squeaks when I ring it out, which thrills me because I can tell I actually got out all the hairspray, volumizer, oil, etc.

7. HERBIVORE PINK QUARTZ FACIAL ROLLER I purchased a facial roller FINALLY during the Sephora Sale this Fall. I’d heard lots of good things but as usual, was skeptical about the results. I was having a ton of allergy issues and my face was feeling swollen and congested. So I started using the roller under my eyes, and on top of my cheekbones for some relief. Additionally, I have some muscle build-up in my jaw and under my chin from clenching my teeth at night so I started rolling there as well. I am so happy, and a little shocked to say, I can actually tell a difference. My face feels tighter and more defined, the muscle build-up has lessened, and it makes me look more awake in the mornings. 

8. THE BALM DOWN BOY BLUSH This was an unexpected favorite. I’m obsessed with light pink blushes and own so many I never expect to be truly wowed. I love them all and rotate based on how I am feeling that day… really pink, sheer pink, sparkly pink, light pink… you get the idea. But I have to say Down Boy blush from theBalm is something special (and very affordable!). It’s a beautiful, versatile light pink that translates just like it looks in the pan. The packaging is perfect for travel as it’s very thin, and the color payoff is awesome. I use a fluffy blush brush and it picks up just enough product.

9. IT COSMETICS BRONZER This bronzer is my favorite of all time! Previously, I was obsessed with Hourglass Bronzer, which is still amazing, but the one from It Cosmetics won me over 100%. I tried it on a whim because I wanted to test out a couple of products from the brand and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love it so much I’m about to start my second, as the first is almost completely gone. The color is gorgeous – not orange or cakey, so buttery smooth, and true to the color of a tan. I like to use a large fluffy bronzer brush so it’s most evenly distributed onto my face.

10. DERMAFLASH While choosing which products to talk about in this post, I realized I’ve never talked about Dermaflash. I picked one up during the Nordy Sale and then completely forget to do a review. If you don’t know, Dermaflash is for at-home dermaplaning (i.e. facial exfoliating), where you remove small hairs from the face. It allows your makeup to go on much smoother! I had dermaplaning done once at the aesthetician’s office but really didn’t like it. I felt like it was too harsh on my sensitive skin and it’s decently expensive to have it done regularly. Dermaflash, however, has been super gentle on my skin (I also have more control over the pressure) and it works really well! It has a slight vibration when you turn it on that helps the hair to come off.

I can’t wait to see what products I will find and love in 2019! To all of you who have already watched the ball drop, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you had the New Year’s Eve of your dreams. To all of you who will ring in the New Year shortly here in the US, HAPPY ALMOST NEW YEAR!

CHEERS to an incredible 2019 filled with happiness, laughter, and lots of love!


XO Amanda