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dove dry spray invisible deodorant
dove dry spray invisible deodorant
Happy Monday, Friends! I hope all of you had a wonderful weekend. Justin and I headed up to northern Virginia on Friday to surprise his mom for her birthday. They had a huge surprise party planned for her so we spent Friday and Saturday planning and distracting her. We told her we needed some furniture (which is true lol) so we took her with us to At Home and then I fibbed about needing some alcohol for my dad which is how we got her to the distillery (btw dad, we did buy you something hehe!). She was so surprised and had no idea what we were doing! 

Now it’s back to the weekly grind, so much to catch up on before April rolls around. Can you believe March is almost over?! I have a lot to do – campaigns, trips, and new products to share, like today’s post! I shared several months ago that I was on the hunt for a deodorant that wasn’t messy and was easy to apply. And fortunately, I stumbled upon a fab new Dry Spray by Dove (even before this campaign) I love so much!  

dove dry spray invisible deodorant

dove dry spray invisible deodorant
dove dry spray invisible deodorant

old navy my coffee needs coffee tee

I picked up Dove’s Dry Spray in beauty finish several weeks ago because I was tired of always getting deodorant all over my clothes, and honestly, I just loved the packaging. So simple – spray it on – and go!  Then, for today’s post, I picked up Dove’s Dry Spray Invisible designed for 48-hour protection and no marks on 100 colors. And I it even more because it smells really nice and leaves all my dark colored work out clothes without funky white spots. I’ve been working out three to four times a week lately so this is really important to me.

As I mentioned above, we traveled this past weekend and on our road trip there, I wore this super cute new tee I definitely did not want to be covered in white deodorant marks. The Dry Spray Invisible was perfect for the occasion and was easy to throw in my bag. The spray version also stays very clean. I don’t know about you, but whenever I remove and replace my deodorant lid on the usual solid version, it always gets all over the sides, and then I have to wipe it off before replacing in my drawer. So annoying! But fortunately, this product and packaging never become messy.

If you need clinical protection, which I know many people do, and I’ve even tried myself, Degree® makes a 5 in 1 Clinical Antiperspirant Deodorant that offers the following benefits: odor control, fragrance, moisturizer, wetness protection, and quick absorption.

I know deodorant may not be the most exciting beauty product in the world to blog about, but I rarely hear people talk about their favorites and I’ve gone through so many different kinds trying to find one that actually does what it claims. If you give Dove Dry Spray Invisible a try I’d love to know what you think and make sure to check out several deals you’ll love below.

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Buy 1 Get 1 50% off (with card) select AXE, Dove, Degree® deodorant products
We’re headed out to a early breakfast this morning, then back on the road to pick up the pup and home to get organized (with lots of coffee). Have a wonderful start to your week! 

XO Amanda