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FINALLY SHARING OUR HOME TODAY! Gosh, it’s been a long, long time, and in all honesty, the house still isn’t finished but I’ve been itching to share what we’ve done so far. I’m a big fan of a minimalistic aesthetic that is bright and white and clean, as you will see. We’ve taken our time to add furniture and decor to the house because we had quite a lot of space to fill up, coming from very small apartments previously. And we wanted to make sure everything we buy we love.

I really hope all of you enjoy the tour. I’ve broken up the shopping links by room.
Anything that isn’t linked I wasn’t able to find but feel free to ask!

A huge thanks to Casablanca for providing all of our ceiling fans (c/o)!


j.ing off the shoulder pink dress
A little bit about our home…
Our house was finished at the end of 2017. Justin and I are the first inhabitants of the house which is really special and everything we could have wanted. We love that it came with upgraded details like slow close drawers, rounded granite counters, an almost all white interior, and a layout perfect for a couple like ourselves without kids (we saw a lot of traditional houses with four bedrooms upstairs and that’s just not something we needed). Our house is a four bedroom, three full bath, with two bedrooms & laundry downstairs, and two bedrooms upstairs (including a guest suite we turned into a media room). Unfortunately, we don’t have names for things like paint, granite, etc. since the house was built when Justin purchased it. Come October, we will have been in the house for two years!


We very recently put a table, chairs, and rug in this room. We don’t use it to eat (we eat on the couch watching tv… to be totally honest) but I really wanted to have something  to fill the space so it didn’t look so bare when people walk into the house. I also have a gold & glass console table that I placed on the side wall (it’s linked) but have yet to utilize it (it currently serves as a shipping & receiving center for Pardon Muah HQ). My plan is to turn it into a bar cart of sorts with seasonal decor.

dining room
dining table decor


I found this beautiful white console table with glass top and knew I had to have it for our entryway. It fits perfectly into the space and gives the entrance a more welcoming feeling. I put a faux flower arrangement from Home Goods, two fillable lamps (we put pinecones in them for winter and colored eggs for Easter, etc.), and a round mirror above so you can check your lipstick on the way out!

entry table

entry table
open concept house

welcome key hook


The kitchen in this house really is the heart of the home. We spend the majority of our time in or around the kitchen and absolutely love that it’s open to the living room. It allows us to have conversations while cooking or to watch tv while making a meal. It really brightens up the house with the all white cabinetry and an island perfect for a gold tray full of treats & snacks.
all white kitchen

all white kitchen

snack tray
all white kitchen


Besides the kitchen, this by far our most used room in the house. We finally upgraded our couch to an L-shape which has made a world of difference! Now we (Justin, Heidi, and I) can sit comfortably while we have tv time, and there is lots of room for guests when we have people over. The color and material are perfect for anyone who has pets (or children). It’s easy to keep clean, doesn’t show much dirt, and is fairly scratch resistant (Heidi has pretty sharp nails and she hasn’t hurt the couch!).
living room

living room

living room

dog teepee in living room

dog teepee
showing off casablanca white levitt fan
If you’ve been following me long, you know back in April I went on a trip with Casablanca Fan Company to Sarasota, FL. After learning about their fans, and chic designs, we decided to replace all the fans in our house (even though they were new) and also installed fans upstairs where there weren’t any. YOU ALL… I never thought I would be so impressed with a ceiling fan but BOY DID IT MAKE A DIFFERENCE. Inside we installed all white Levitt fans and they blend so nicely into the ceiling. Before, we had brown fans and they just didn’t fit the style of our house. They were also loud and clanky when spinning… But now, the base of our fans literally does not move and they are all on remotes making it super easy to turn them on and to change the speed. A world of a difference!

back door in living room


We haven’t utilized this space yet (other than to grill), but we love having a screened in back porch! It’s funny because this was actually a contractor mistake when building the house. Originally, they were only going to put in a slab of concrete, but as a happy mistake, they accidentally put in an outdoor room! In this space we installed a black Paume fan from Casablanca. My plan is to order black & white outdoor decor so it will all goes together. Right now Heidi utilizes the space the most!

casablanca black paume fan
casablanca black paume fan

One of my favorite rooms in the house! This was our most complete room when moving in. Since, we added an extra set of drawers, but that’s about it. Yes, the tv is quite large for a bedroom BUT it’s really nice when we watch shows or movies in bed. When we upgraded the tv in our media room, this one came to live downstairs. You’ll also see my vanity space which I get quite a few questions about, and my standing mirror where I take all of my outfit selfies, and film try-ons for Instagram.
master bedroom

master bedroom vanity

master bedroom vanity


I am so very thankful for our master bathroom. In our rental before this home, our bathroom was so small two people couldn’t fit inside, and the sink has zero counter space. The tiny sink was so old it actually fell off the wall one day when Justin leaned on it haha. We joke that if you can get along and love living together after a super tiny bathroom, you’re good! So we love love love having the space we do now. We have double sinks, lots of drawer space, a spacious shower, AND a linen closet.

all white master bathroom

all white master bathroom

master bathroom shower

casablanca white levitt fan
As I mentioned previously, we also installed the Levitt fan from Casablanca in our bedroom as well! 

master bedroom bedding
master bedroom bedding

pottery barn jewelry box

living room

downstairs hallway


It might sound silly but this is my favorite room in the whole house. Maybe because it is the most complete, but it just makes me so happy. We have two little rabbits that live in our backyard (whom I named Thumper and Peter) so this bunny print felt very much like it fit the feel of the house. The coloring also matches our color palette and helps to fill the space above the shelf we put in. 

hall bathroom with bunny print

bunny print

white blush hall bathroom

My office has been my most recent labor of love. It is without a doubt a room that makes me feel happy and a place where I can be productive. Before, the room felt very one dimensional with items all along the walls so I knew I wanted to put my desk in the middle of the space (the only thing left is to find artwork for the wall behind). Justin was kind enough to hang the beautiful chandelier and also cut a hole in my area rug so that the computer cord runs underneath, making it less of an eyesore. 

blogger office space

office purse shelving
office purse shelving

shopbop glitter canister

office space apple computer

desk organizer


Never thought I would love a laundry room so much but I really enjoy the amount of space we have and the fact it’s an entire room and not sure a makeshift space. Above the washer & dryer we have a shelf that holds six wire baskets full of detergent, dryer sheets, dog supplies, light bulbs, etc. 


The room we use as our guest room was originally an unfinished space we asked the builder to finish prior to moving in. It made such a difference and they even ended up giving as a pretty large closet. The majority of the items in the room, like the headboard, bedding, pillows, and chair (old), were all pieces I had prior to meeting Justin. After we got a king bed, we moved this one up here and it fit the space perfectly! I put my old desk up here too to create a vanity space for guests with a mirror and beauty samples. It’s still a work in progress but it’s so nice to have a place for guests to stay.

Again, we put in a white Levitt fan from Casablanca and absolutely love the way it looks!

casablanca white levitt fan

guest room


SO… if you remember the horrible couch debacle of last year, you’ll be amazed to see it actually made it into this room. If you missed it, basically we ordered a massive L-shaped couch with reclining sections and usb ports for phone charging to go in this media room. However, we didn’t think to measure the specific door for this room and come to find out all the doorways in our home are different (insert eye roll). When the two (yes, only two) movers came to deliver and carry this 300 lb. monstrosity upstairs, they ended up ripping open the custom upholstery, got paint all over it and scuffs all over the walls up the stairs, scratched almost every leg, AND at the end of the day couldn’t even get it into the room. Maybe one of the most stressful moments of my life. I couldn’t get the out of the house fast enough but, fortunately, Wayfair helped to rectify the issues and home damage. 


To my surprise, Justin, by himself, pushed and pulled the two sections of the couch into the room and we somehow managed to get it into place. And we absolutely love it now that its in. It is SO COMFY and you can fit tons of people on it to watch movies – we even had a sleepover up here one night! The room itself still needs attention, which is why there aren’t tons of photos (and the lighting is really challenging). Justin also has his desk in this room and uses it as an office space. The room was originally built as a guest suite since it has an attached full bath and closet.

media room

media room

media room bathroom

PHEW! That brings us to the end of the tour. 

I really hope you all enjoyed getting to see more of the house! If you’d like to see more of certain rooms in particular please let me know. I’d also love to know if you’d like to see more home decor posts on my Instagram feed. Will definitely have more coming as we head into fall & winter. 

I will also put all of my home decor links under the SHOP tab at the top of the blog!

XO Amanda