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TGIF, Friends! 

I’m so very excited to finally share my updated skincare routine with you today. It’s been a long time coming and I’ve had so many requests in the last couple months. I wanted to wait until I got some of my skincare and allergy issues in check before sharing so I could tell you what really works. I’ve taken some products out of the rotation and added some new ones I’ve been loving. Due to a skin infection and my new found rosacea, I’ve gone back to safe, dermatologist tested cleaners and creams and some tried and true holy grail items I’ve used for years. 


mac cleanse off oil
Btw I’m writing this post in the order of which I use each product in my nightly/daily routine. The first is MAC Cleanse Off Oil. The BEST product for getting off makeup and mascara (even waterproof). Use a couple pumps on a dry face to create an emulsifying effect that caused makeup and grim to melt right off. I’ve gone through numerous bottles and highly recommend!  
mac makeup wipes
After using the cleanse off oil, I use a MAC Makeup Wipe to take everything off. I prefer this over a washcloth because I feel like it removes more of the makeup and creates less laundry. It might sound silly but these are the best makeup wipes out there! Trust me, there is seriously a difference between these and the ones from the drugstore. Usually, it only takes one wipe to remove mass quantities of product quickly. 
spending time with my morkie
first aid beauty cleanser and moisturizer
Once I’ve wiped off as much makeup and cleanse off oil as I can with the makeup wipe, I move on to cleansing. FYI cleansing works best if you remove your makeup first! Lately, I’ve gone back to using my Clarisonic with my First Aid Beauty Cleanser. This cleanser has a really luxurious consistency, comes at a fantastic price point, and is free of all kinds of harmful ingredients. The Clarisonic helps to exfoliate and to remove any excess makeup left on the face, and when used regularly can also help regulate acne. During my normal nightly routine, I will then apply the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream to moisturize.  For my full routine continue reading…
beautycounter charcoal mask
Once or twice a week (usually on Sundays) I like to clarify and purify my skin. To purify, I use Beautycounter’s Charcoal Mask. This mask is very gentle and can be used to pull impurities out of the skin. What I love most about Beautycounter is that their products free of all harmful ingredients and chemicals, making skin care feel safe. Plus, you only have to leave the mask on for 10-15 minutes before removing with warm water (I like to wipe off with a wash cloth).
beautycounter brightening mask
Then I like to use my FAVORITE skin care product of all! Seriously…run and order this! Beautycounter’s Brightening Mask is absolutely phenomenal and very gentle on the skin. I have combination dry/oily skin that is very sensitive… and now rosacea, so many products irritate my face and leave it looking red. But not this one! The first time I used it (only 10 minutes) I wiped it off and was amazed by the bright, glowing skin underneath. Amazing! 
Btw anyone who purchases $50 worth of Beautyvcounter products this month will be entered to win a  brightening spa set giveaway worth $100! You can shop HERE.
simple micellar water
I’ve gone through so many Simple Micellar Cleansing Waters. It’s a cleanser you can use that doesn’t require washing off, making it so easy! I like to use this product on a cotton pad after I’m done using a mask and in the morning to remove any residue left on my face. It’s very gentle! 
spending time with my morkie
spending time with my morkie
organic doctor virgin coconut oil
Several weeks ago Organic Doctor sent me several products to try out and this is by far my favorite. I like using it after the masks because although your face is left glowing, it can sometimes feel tight and dry. Using an oil like the Organic Doctor Virgin Coconut Oil adds a luminosity and moisture that is much needed. I’ve used this both at night before moisturizing (and after) and in the morning before my foundation and I’ve loved it either way. 
beautycounter eye cream
Another Beautycounter product I love is their Eye Cream. I’ve been using this every night with my moisturizer for months and can really tell a difference in my skin in the morning. I look more well rested, less puffy, and definitely hydrated. This is a great all around eye cream you can use both morning and night.
mario badescu drying lotion
This Mario Badescu Drying Lotion is like magic. If you have a pimple put this on it! It will leave a white mark so I like to use this at night on any current or future looking blemishes and in the morning they are either gone or drastically reduced. All you do is dip a q-tip into the bottle, apply, and wait to dry. I even encouraged Justin to put this on ingrown facial hairs recently and he saw a huge difference.
spending time with my morkie
skinceuticals phyto corrective gel
herbivore rose hibiscus facial spray

Since being diagnosed with rosacea by my dermatologist I’ve been using a prescription gel for my redness that has really made a difference. Before I was using SkinCeuticals Phyto Corrective Gel and it’s the best product I’ve found for redness that doesn’t have to come from a physician. I would use it both morning and night before my moisturizer. If you suffer from red or irritated skin I definitely recommend! It’s a little pricey, but it lasts a very long time. A little goes a long way. After I use a redness reducing gel I like to use a facial mist like Herbivore’s Rose Hibiscus. The rose scented spray is not only pleasant to the senses but it helps to hydrate your face after a long night’s sleep.
tatcha water cream origins ginzing eye cream
Origins GinZing Refreshing Eye Cream is my absolute favorite! It has a luminosity to it that seriously brightens the under eye and has a highlighting effect that gives a beautiful glow. I use this each morning before I start my makeup routine to prep my under eye for concealer. I’ve also bee loving Tatcha’s The Water Cream that I got as a sample from Sephora. It’s nice and lightweight but still hydrating… just what I need before makeup since it dries quickly. Plus, the packaging is fabulous!

beautycounter lip gloss
I know this is a makeup product, but after my recent lip infection where I couldn’t bear to wear most of my lipsticks and glosses, this one was so gentle it saved me from daily bare lips. My fabulous Beautycounter rep sent this to me since she knew it was super safe to use and also very hydrating. The consistency is super soft but it also proved to be long wearing. Bare Shimmer is a beautiful nude that would look great on all skin types! Perfect for everyday wear. And again, it isn’t filled with any harmful chemicals… and how about that pretty packaging?!
spending time with my morkie
Before you finish reading, read this… I wanted to tell you more about my Beautycounter rep, Sonnie! She’s not only incredibly sweet but very knowledgeable too. I’ve been so impressed with how attentive she’s been and quick to send me products when she knew I was struggling with my skin and lips. I want to encourage you to reach out to her if you’re interested in any of the products I’ve talked about today (I linked them to her website within the post). You can visit her website HERE and can also contact her on Instagram at @sonnie321

Right now Beautycounter is having a fabulous special called the 5-Minute Face which includes the lip gloss, a bronzer/brush, mascara, concealer, brow pencil, and tint skin for $148. A huge deal!

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful weekend full of puppy cuddles and relaxation!

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spending time with my morkie
spending time with my morkie
spending time with my morkie
spending time with my morkie
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