So excited to share some new amazon purchases perfect for time spent at home! I don’t know about you, but quarantine has definitely influenced me to up my amazon game. Work out home gear, cozy slippers for more time around the house, and even a Nespresso machine! Not ashamed to say I will have three coffee machines.

You might be wondering why one needs three coffee machines… and you don’t haha. I’ve always had my white Keurig downstairs in the kitchen and recently bought the mini pink one for my office. I felt like having a coffee station would encourage me to blog from my designated workspace. So many of you have recommended the Nespresso since I love my coffee, so I finally took the plunge. And of course, I splurged because I wanted the bright white!

I wanted to include items you can enjoy while on corona house arrest. I know I’ve been spending more time than ever before in my pj’s, have been more focused on self-care, like at-home workouts, and have used the time to get organized.

You’ll also find some kitchen accessories, a beauty fridge (I wanted this for my office since I made a coffee station), and a super cute travel sunglasses case. Which I’m looking forward to using as soon as trips can go back on the calendar!

I hope all of you are doing well at home. I’m a self-proclaimed homebody but even I’m feeling the effects of staying in 24/7. Random errands definitely break up the day when you’re used to working from home. But with that said, I feel so fortunate to have my family close by, friends to chat with, little miss Heidi, and a job that was already based from my house. A HUGE THANKS to the healthcare providers, first responders, grocery employees, delivery services, pharmacists, and all those keeping us afloat, safe, and healthy!

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XO Amanda

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