I’ve been meaning to post pictures of my new place for over two weeks now, but every weekend the weather has been dark & dreary, which isn’t conducive to nice, light photos. Yesterday it was finally nice enough outside so I decided to take some pictures of my new bedroom decor! 
I recently moved from 830ish square ft to 500ish square ft (yes, much smaller). This might sound dauntingly small to most people, unless you live in NYC, but I was so excited to finally get a smaller living space. Mostly because less space = less money. 
A couple months back when I first found out I was moving apartments I started selling all of my furniture, because I realized it would all be too large or too much for my new, teeny tiny place. Luckily, I was able to sell everything (thanks to a local Facebook yard sale page) and my family came down to bring me new, white (lovvveee) pieces from IKEA. All of the pieces I chose are from the Hemnes Collection and I am so pleased with the quality.
In all honesty, I thought the 8-drawer chest was going to be much smaller. Clearly I can’t measure, because it ended up filling up almost an entire wall. At first I was upset, but with so little space, it holds the majority of my folded clothes (work out wear, t-shirts, pjs, intimates, socks and sweatshirts) which keeps my closet much more organized. My bedside table is probably my favorite item of all, because the top drawer has a small compartment that slides back and forth and holds my remote, lip balm, coaster, etc. that I can easily access and then hide away. Plus, the height is just perfect!
My bed is squished into the corner and I actually prefer it this way for the time being, because it’s really cozy and at night I can snuggle in my giant pile of pillows. All of my pillows have down inserts because I’m spoiled and can’t stand sleeping on anything else. AND they allow me to karate chop my decorative pillows so they sink down in the center. I think I learned this watching Modern Family when Cam was preparing for company – one of my favorite shows! My pin tuck duvet is similar to a comforter I had in my old place, but I wanted to utilize my down insert. I always get really cold at night and the duvet is so much warmer. I’ve washed it a couple times and it’s held up really nicely!
Because I live in such a small space, I’ve had to get rather creative with storage solutions, and I’ve gotten rid of a TON of stuff – consignment, Plato’s Closet, Goodwill, Facebook, etc. Most of my friends probably don’t think I have anything left hah! My closet was the biggest challenge, because it’s the only closet in the apartment (my old one had four, one of which was a large walk-in pantry/laundry room). I found a lot of great over the door hooks at TJ Maxx and my parents brought me the shoe organizer from IKEA. I ended up using it for my booties, which fit wonderfully and my hang up separator for all my heels. My tall boots and Uggs are more of a challenge, but you’ll see where I keep them later this week. 
Miraculously, Heidi’s crate also fits in the room and this is a must. It’s not the prettiest thing sitting around, but she sleeps in it like a champ, allowing me quality rest at night. Crate training was the best thing I ever did as a pet owner hands down. She’s a big girl now so she can roam during the day, but at night she always sleeps in her little pink box. Can you tell she loves taking pictures? She’s so funny – I seriously don’t place her in the photos! Whenever I walk around the house working on posts she follows me around and plops down right in the frame. It’s rather adorable so I don’t mind one bit…and she loves the attention.

Please let me know if you have any other questions! I will be posting about my bathroom, kitchen, and living room later this week. 
Happy Monday!
XO Amanda