Welcome to my kitchen and my final home apartment post! I’ve had so much fun sharing and normally I wouldn’t say this, but my kitchen is one of my favorite places in my home. It’s basically in my living room, like everything else and I have so many cute pieces I’ve set out that make me smile.
My kitchen runs along one wall of my apartment. There is a decent amount of storage space for pots, pans, plates, silverware, food, etc. I really don’t have a lot in the way of cooking supplies so I didn’t have much trouble making it all fit. I also love that it’s functional. I’ve set out items that I need to use on a daily basis (or eat…aka the bite size snickers). 
I set up my Keurig & coffee corner with some pink & white straws from a local craft store in a sparkly container from TJ Maxx. I keep all my k-cups, stirring straws and sugar packets in one of the drawers so that there aren’t so many things on the counter. Next to my Keurig I have Heidi’s treat jar, which I absolutely LOVE! It’s also a TJ Maxx find (I’m going to be saying that a lot this post). She knows that every time we come inside from going out we go straight to the white jar. Where she patiently waits for her treat…and yes she actually waits patiently (not usual for my normally impatient princess).
All of the wall art, with the exception of the Heidi painting and picture, came from TJ Maxx. My biggest recommendation is to visit the store frequently, because they get new items daily. The Pop. Fizz. Clink. canvas might be my favorite piece in the whole apartment! The painted canvas of Heidi was done by my mom and it’s so special to me. She took a picture from when she was a pup and it looks just like her! All of our dogs have had their portraits painted by my mom :). The other Heidi picture that is black & white came from Target. I cannot get over how much it resembles her and I believe it was around $10.
You’ll also notice a couple Thanksgiving/Fall items sprinkled around my apartment. I’m not huge on decorating for every holiday since it’s just me, but i do switch out my soaps and my dish towels. Since my color scheme is white and gold + a little animal print & pink, I like adding holiday items that are neutral.
Thanks for taking the time to view my apartment posts this week and I hope they gave you some inspiration or ideas for your own home. Tomorrow’s post is a long awaited step by step full face makeup guide! 
XO Amanda