The couch makes a perfect Heidi head rest.

Spotted: Pure Barre mat squished in the corner.
Couch (couldn’t find online) // Coffee Table // Clothing Rack // TV Stand // IKEA 9-Drawer // Pineapple Pillow
Welcome to my living room! 
If you read yesterday’s post about my vanity, you can now get a better idea of where it sits in comparison to the living room. It basically sits in the living room ha! As of right now I’m loving how clean and uncluttered my space is. As you can see I haven’t put anything on the coffee table (very unlike me). I can’t decide what I want there and at the moment I don’t feel like accumulating any more home decor items. Plus, now that I don’t have a dining room table, I find myself blogging and eating and doing pretty much everything on my coffee table, so extra items really just get in the way.
My couch was purchased from Grand Home Furnishings and it’s quite comfortable. I love that it’s tufted! The only downside is the dog hair. It would have almost been better to get a tan couch, because Heidi and I shed blonde hair. I normally have to sticky roll the couch once a week if not more – but it sure is pretty! The throws and fuzzy pillows are from TJ Maxx and the adorable pineapple pillow is from Fancy It Pretty (Etsy shop). It didn’t really have a place so for now it lives on the couch and the cover is removable which is great in case Heidi decides to use it as a bed, which she does with most pillows.
My furniture, which will be no surprise, is from IKEA, with the exception of the coffee table. The coffee table is from Pier 1 and I got it for a steal! It was originally almost $400, but they had it on sale for around $100 and then I found something wrong with it so they knocked off another 15%! The Alex 9-Drawer and Hemnes TV table, from IKEA, are both high-quality. If you’ve never shopped at IKEA you might assume their pieces aren’t great quality due to the price, but that’s really not the case. They are inexpensive, because you pick them up at the store and then you have to build every little shelf and drawer…it’s a lot of work (my family who drove to bring my furniture and build it will attest to this).
Most of my wall art is from TJ Maxxone of my all time favorite stores for home accessories. Always a great deal! The turtle, acrylic filing case, and green folders are from Target. The lamp is from Home Goods (I have two, the other one is in my bedroom) and the LOVE sign is from Pier 1 (thanks mom!). 
I also have a clothes rack from IKEA in the middle of my living room. Again, not normally something I would do, but I have ONE closet ladies and gentleman and my coats and vests were not going to fit. I really don’t mind it and it’s easy access. On the bottom I have two black containers from Bed, Bath & Beyond that hold Heidi’s harnesses and my boots. Again, easy access and it keeps them pretty much hidden from view.
All of my other kick knacks, crafting supplies, stationary, electronics, home fragrance, etc. etc. etc. are hidden in the Alex 9-Drawer and the TV stand. Plus, the coffee table has a small drawer in the front that houses coasters, the remote, magazines and even my laptop and charger!
Please let me know if you have any questions or I didn’t mention one of the items in this post that you are wondering about. I’ve had so much fun sharing my new apartment with you all this week! Tomorrow is my final post – bathroom & kitchen (so many fun pieces to share).
XO Amanda