This is hands down my favorite spot in my apartment!
I was going to combine my vanity and living room posts together, but I figured the vanity deserves a post of its own (plus this post would be really, really long). It may sound silly, but my new vanity setup makes my mornings a hundred times happier. I got incredibly lucky with my new window. It’s quite large and sits at just the right height for the perfect makeup lighting. Normally I wouldn’t have my vanity in the middle of my living room, but when you have 500 some square feet you make exceptions. 
I kept the vanity from my previous apartment, which is the IKEA Malm Dressing Table. I absolutely love the amount of space it gives me and the drawer is quite spacious as well. As you can see I use the drawer space for hair accessories, jewelry and the makeup I use daily. I found the awesome animal print dividers at TJ Maxx! The rest of my makeup collection lives underneath my vanity in an eDiva acrylic drawer set. My mom got this for me as a gift during graduate school and I’ve slowly accumulated enough to fill it up! The acrylic is very, very high quality and it’s actually so heavy it’s hard for me to pick up.
My vanity chair matches my headboard and is from Ballard Designs. The thing I love about it most is that it swivels! I didn’t even know this when I bought it and was so excited when it came. It’s the perfect height and really comfortable to sit in. I keep a cozy blanket on it so that in the morning I can sip coffee and do my makeup, while cuddled up in a soft throw. Most of my blankets/throws come from TJ Maxx and are usually only $15! I wash them often and they have held up really well.
Even though I don’t do my makeup at night (usually), I love turning on the lamp and the string of Christmas lights when I come home from work – it really makes my apartment feel homey.
If you have any other questions please let me know!
XO Amanda