Makeup Bag // Coffee Tumbler // Foundation (205 Natural Beige) // Mascara // Brow Fiber Gel (3) 
Golden-Pink Blush // Hair Texturizer, Amplifier, Refresher // Concealer (Fair Natural) // Lip Gloss (Icing)

Hi, Hey, Hello! TGIF!

Even though I’ve been working solely from home the last two weeks I still look forward to the weekends. I’m trying to create a schedule for myself where I get in all of my hours Monday – Friday so Saturday and Sunday are designated for rest, blog photos, and time with Justin and Heidi. It’s easier said than done, as working from home can be distracting, but it seems to be getting easier and easier. My biggest problem is waking up early…as always. I’d love to get up at 5:30 am or even 6:30 am but it seems my internal alarm doesn’t go off until 7 am or 8 am. Which I know is still decently early but I feel most productive as the day is just beginning. If I drag my feet and it gets later in the day I tend to get frustrated with myself and my productivity plummets. Does this happen to any of you?
Today I’m super excited to share with you some new products I just started using and one I haven’t even tried! While at Target this past week I stumbled upon the perfect travel makeup bag for less than $25. It’s incredibly cute for one, two, it’s big enough for what I would still call an excessive amount of product, and three, it has three compartments so you can actually stay organized while away. One large compartment on the bottom, a brush holder in the middle, and a small zipper pocket on top. I hate how my usual makeup bags are like a big black hole where everything falls to the bottom and you end up taking it all out and setting it on the hotel bathroom counter…and, in the end, you just make a big mess. And it’s glaringly obvious to your boyfriend you own too much makeup. OMG is that even a thing though?! 
Another fun find is this baby pink coffee tumbler that says “Coffee Is My BFF.” If you know me even a little, you’ll know I love coffee and I love coffee mugs. I even cleaned out the kitchen cabinet today and threw away five or six mugs and tumblers I don’t use anymore. I hate excess and it helped me to justify keeping this new adorable addition. The only downside is you can’t microwave it because of the gold lettering which really drives me nuts, but it’s cute enough for me to justify heating my coffee up in one cup and pouring back into this one haha! It was actually in the Mother’s Day section of Nordstrom and would make a great gift for Mom…with maybe a gift card for Starbucks inside! Also, Nords is doing triple points until the 7th so this is the time to buy. 
While I was out running errands yesterday I had to make a pit stop at Ulta to find some at-home gel polish remover. I refuse to pay someone to take it off for me and now I can do it myself! It was super cheap and I figure a great thing to have on hand. I was hoping my old gel would peel off as it’s been three weeks, but no such luck (they did such a good job this stuff isn’t budging). While in Ulta I also picked up some Triple Sec texturizer, amplifier, refresher for my hair. So many of you ask what I use to get volume when teasing and this is going to be my new go-to. It smells divine! And I love that it’s multipurpose. One of my friends brought this to Vegas and I knew I needed to get some for myself. The last thing I picked up was some Tarte Shape Tape because everyone and their mother has raved and carried on about it. I haven’t used it yet, but from the reviews, I’ll never use another concealer. I was surprised how large the applicator is so we will see how it works out! 
Okay, this next product is by far my favorite and a HUGE find for me because it’s going to save me lotsss of money going forward. And that’s a new favorite foundation! It doesn’t happen often, as many of you know, and rarely does it happen for less than $13…Oh, Em Gee…a steal! I’d heard lots of good things about Loreal’s Infallible Foundation but had been too lazy to give it a try. Mostly because it’s drugstore and it always gives me anxiety trying to figure out my correct shade. Luckily, you can see the product through the packaging which makes things a little bit easier. I ended up matching the color with my Maybelline Fit Me Shade so I knew it would be correct. And it was! And sorry Maybelline, I love this one more! I purchased the pro-glow version because I wanted that “luminous finish” but it also comes in pro-matte if you have oily skin, especially in the summer heat. 
Phew! Five products down, four to go. I sure am feeling long winded today lol. In the pictures and links above you’ll find three Benefit products that I recently received from HSN. I totally got sucked in one day sitting on my couch flipping channels. What is it about shopping networks that make things seem one million times better than you ever thought was possible?! The Benefit gals were no different and they sold me in about five seconds. And I work in marketing. But, I have to say they sold me for all the right reasons. My favorite is the Gimmie Brow Brow-Volumizing Fiber Gel. I hate doing my eyebrows and this gel is amazing. I think the reason I’m actually excited (for the first time) to use this is because the wand is so small. You don’t end up getting the gel on your forehead and it adheres to the hairs like glue.  Highly recommend!

The set I received also included Roller Lash, Benefit’s new must-have mascara. I used a sample once and thought “ehhh” but that’s why samples suckexcuse me…that’s why samples aren’t a great way to try out things like mascara. I am so pleased with it and might actually call it my current favorite! Lastly, is the blush called GALifornia, which I love now that I live in California. It’s like it was made for me haha. It has a really pleasant smell and gorgeous gold flecks. I apologize I didn’t get a picture of the actual color – total brain fart – but you can easily view it through the link online. It’s less pigmented than I originally thought but that’s okay because I love a sheer wash of color for spring and summer. 

Alright, I saved the prettiest and pinkest for last! While perusing for triple points I had to make a pit stop at the Chanel counter. I’d seen this baby pink sheer lip gloss called Icing online and needed to see it in person pronto! I’ve never met a light pink or nude gloss I didn’t fall head over heels for. While at the counter I found out that Chanel just redid their entire lip gloss collection with a whole new color range. This is now the lightest and sheerest of pinks. I love it alone on low maintenance days or over top of a darker nude lipstick. This one’s a splurge but you can’t go wrong with Chanel!
Woohoo! You made it all the way through! I probably should have forewarned you that you needed some coffee and a snack. Thank you for reading and have a beautiful weekend! 


XO Amanda