nordstrom anniversary sale shopping tips
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So it may seem silly and intuitive when you think about “how to shop a sale” but THE NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE is definitely a one of a kind experience. This will be my fifth year shopping and my third year blogging the sale… and I’ve learned a lot about how to successfully shop it with the least amount of stress and the best plan possible to not over-shop (if there ever was such a thing).


If you’ve never shopped the sale before, you may be wondering what the big deal is because most sales are structured similarly… and are made up of past season or near end of season items being pulled from the racks, BUT NOT THE #NSALE! The big appeal of The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is that it’s a debut of brand new (mostly) fall & winter apparel, shoes, accessories, beauty, & home decor at discounted prices from the beginning. Once the sale ends the prices will go back up so now is that time to capitalize on wardrobe staples, fun splurges, beauty fav stocking, and home decorating.


If you missed it, you can read my post with ALL THE DETAILS of the sale HERE.


ONE. Set Your Clock! The sale starts this year at 12:30 pm EST (on the 12th for cardholders and on the 19th for the public) which is different from all years past (when it started in the early hours of the morning). Most of you will probably be at work so it would be a fabulous time to take a lunch break so you can snag all of the goodies you’ve been wanting! You can even select in-store pickup if you live local to a store that way when you leave the office you can run over and snag all your loot!

TWO. Stop By I would LOVE for you to visit Pardon Muah (i.e. the blog) when the sale begins! I will actually be publishing a post on Thursday (the 11th) afternoon for anyone who is an Icon or Ambassador member (who can pre-shop) and it’ll give everyone else a chance to check out what I purchased! At the top of the blog, you’ll find a NORDSTROM ANNIVERSARY SALE drop-down menu with shopping categories including “What I Purchased,” “Items Under $100,” “Athleisure,” etc. I really want to make the sale easy, quick, and fun for all of you to shop!

THREE. Shop Online. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND SHOPPING ONLINE. Even if you plan to shop in-store, you can shop & purchase online and designate in-store pickup! That way you know you’ll get what you want and can check on your local store’s inventory (as it will say where the items are available). Once in-store, you can always make returns if any of the items you purchased don’t work. 

FOUR. Shop Early. Last year things went so quickly I was actually shocked. And sadly, some things didn’t get restocked. Which isn’t to say that will be the case this year, but so many people shop Early Access the popular pieces GO FAST! In order to shop early, you’ll need to be a Nordstrom Cardholder – giving you access seven days before the public. I explain more about this in my detailed Nordstrom Anniversary Sale post. 

FIVE. Make A List. I recommend you make a list of items you like from the catalog (preview blog posts) or things you’re specifically looking for, like Tory Burch boots (on sale this year!), and have it ready to go. It can be overwhelming if you don’t have a plan. Additionally, now may be a good time to go through and clean out your closet and/or your fall wardrobe to see what you need that is new or what you don’t have but have always wanted. 

SIX. Buy Now, Return Later. Lastly, since shipping & returns are free, I recommend grabbing what you want right away and checking out before continuing to browse. If you’re unsure about something you can always order it, try it on, think about it, and return if you end up not wanting… the reason I say this is because items go so quickly that from one time of day to the next the sweater, bag, shoes, or coat you were thinking about may be gone.

I’ve linked several items below I think will sell quickly and also blogged yesterday featuring nine items I’m planning to buy during pre-sale tomorrow.

I cannot wait to shop the sale with you!!


XO Amanda