my morning favorites
my morning favorites

The second Monday of the year is here which means it’s time to reflect on the start of your resolutions. Yes, I know, it’s only been seven days, but the first week can be telling for the rest of the year. And if, for some reason, you’ve already found yourself struggling, or one or more of your resolutions has failed, that doesn’t mean you still can’t succeed. And you’re in good company with me. None of my big picture resolutions have failed but I made some personal resolutions as well… and one, in particular, didn’t last more than a day. For years I’ve wanted to become an early riser but I can never seem to manage it, unless it’s required for work or a particular event. 

Tuesday of last week I woke up at 6am and was already organized, coffee in hand, working my way through emails before Justin left for work. I felt so accomplished and by noon had already made my way through most of my to-do list. Such a good feeling!

But then Wednesday rolled around and I woke up with a horrible headache that ended up lasting through the end of the week (sounds terrible I know… big thanks to Aunt Flow). I finally felt better this past weekend and was able to catch up with all of the work and to-do’s I’d failed to check off during the week. But I still felt disappointed in myself for not sticking to my original plan of getting up early and getting stuff done. It’s critical for me right now to do as much as I can for the blog to get ahead and to solidify my dreams of making it a full-time gig. 

It’s so easy to let frustration take over when we disappoint ourselves. Even if it’s over something small. That disappointment can quickly overtake our motivation, causing us to give up or feel bad about ourselves. But I’ve found the best thing you can do is take things one day at a time. Give yourself credit for all of your successes and make a list of what you would like to do better tomorrow. Just because your resolution wanes for one day doesn’t mean you can’t stick to it the other 364, or 265, or 100, or 20 days of the year… it’s all still progress! And remember, the one or two days you DID succeed showed you that you CAN do it. 

So today I’m starting again. They say it takes 21 days to develop a new habit so that’s what I’m aiming for (weekends excluded… maybe). So let’s do it together! And by together I mean I’ll let you know about my progress week to week – a great way to hold myself accountable. 

Resolutions can be hard so I believe in setting yourself up for success. And with my morning routine, it’s things I can look forward to at 6 AM. A comfy robe, cute slippers, a warm beanie to take the dog out in the cold, a cute coffee mug or tumbler (to take to work), a sweet smelling candle to light while going through the day’s to-do list, and luxurious beauty products for luminous, healthy skin.  

Above you’ll find some of my favorites! A chic desk chair under $100 I just ordered last week, critter slippers on sale under $18, my favorite sweatshirt brand of all time, a rose-scented facial mist, and beanies on my list to buy (it’s SO cold and I didn’t buy hardly enough gloves & hats next year). 

I hope this post resonates with you if you’re struggling to get your resolutions started…. don’t give up on your goals! And if you’ve successfully fulfilled your plans thus far, “Congrats!” AND if you’re just reading this for the cute stuff (hey, that’s totally fine), I hope you’ll find some new comfy & cozy pieces you LOVE.

Have a fabulous, and productive Monday!

XO Amanda