It’s that day again…you know what I’m talking about…Monday. 
The beginning of the week seems to creep up so quickly… it’s back to the grind and extra cups of coffee. It’s been raining cats and dogs here in Sacramento, so much so that we’ve been on alert for flooding. I’m not particularly fond of rain so I’m really ready for the sunshine and warm weather to roll back around. From what I’ve been told, this is the rainiest year ever here, and of course, it’s our first year in California. Sometimes they only get one day of rain…one day…but we’ve had, what seems like 20 plus days of precipitation. I know it’s good for the trees and the never-ending drought, but it’s a major drag when I can’t take blog photos and traffic here is horrendous. 
but enough about the rain
Ever since the holidays, Monday posts haven’t been very motivationally based so I want to get back on track. Even though I still plan on sharing outfit & makeup details, Monday’s post purpose is to talk about health & wellness, happiness, organization, and of course, motivation. In today’s post, I’m talking about scent therapy and how it can help to clear the mind and the senses. I was recently sent an ESYM portable aromatherapy scent pod (c/o). It’s a really cool concept because you can take your aromatherapy oils with you when you travel without needing a diffuser. The pod is very lightweight and easily packs into your purse or suitcase. They have several scents to choose from and three of those are called “destination scents.” I’ve always had an interest in Paris so I chose Parisian Morning, and I’m so glad I did. Here’s the breakdown of the benefits and ingredients:
Benefits // relaxation, comforting, soothing, solace
Ingredients // Almond bitter oil, tagette oil, peru balsam oil, natural vanilla, arnica absolute, 
benzoin siam resin, natural coffee accord, natural chocolate accord, coffee oil

I can definitely smell the chocolate and that’s a-okay with me. If you close your eyes you can almost pretend you’re walking down the streets of Paris or that you’re sitting on a Parisian window sill taking in the smells of bakeries and coffee shops. 

ESYM describes the power of scent like this: “Our sense of smell is directly linked to the most primitive part of the brain associated with memories and emotions, called the limbic system. When we experience a new scent, a neuron in our nose sends an impulse to the section of our brain responsible for emotion and memory, which associates this with an event, person or moment. When we experience that same scent again our brain recalls these specific emotions and memories associated with the particular scent. This is why different people will have their own unique thoughts and feelings to the same scent experience.” –

Scent can also help you to destress, and I should know, I stress like it’s my job. A lot of times I will place peppermint lotion on my temples and back of my neck before I go to sleep and lately I’ve been burning a peppermint candle in our bedroom and spraying the sheets down with peppermint spray before we go to bed. Scent can help in all of the following ways (taken from ESYM’s website):  

Meditation // decompress and prime your meditative state
Cocoon // remove distraction and find your happy place
Rest // drift off to sleep or awake in a blissful state

Phew! This was a longer post than usual, but hopefully, you found it helpful. I highly encourage you to try aromatherapy oils if you’re in need of a stress detox. They can even help with headaches or when you’re feeling ill. I’m a big fan of food scents like lemon, orange, peppermint, chocolate, coffee, etc. but lots of people find lavender and floral smells super relaxing.

If you’re interested in the travel pod you can shop ESYM’s website or you can visit their Instagram @esymco.

Have a wonderful Monday and stop back by on Wedneday for some cute work wear and a modeling appearance by little Miss Heidi.


XO Amanda