Good Morning Friends! 

Justin and I are in Kentucky today, after celebrating my best friend’s wedding. Yesterday we decided to head to Lexington (where I’m from) to see my grandparents and to show Justin around town. We’ve had such a wonderful vacation, but are excited to head home tonight to see little miss Heidi who has been staying at a fun pup hotel. 

I thought I’d share some summer safety tips with you today, in addition to an adorable swim suit cover-up (and for only $27!). See below for my tips to staying safe in the sun!
Wear SPF. I know wearing SPF can be a pain in the “you know what” but it’s so crucial to your skin. Even if you always tan, you should always wear sunscreen. It’ll keep you protected against skin cancers, sun spots, and prolong wrinkles from making a permanent appearance. One of my favorite every day facial sunscreens is this one. I apply it underneath my moisturizer and it sinks into the skin so quickly and doesn’t leave the face feeling sticky.

Sport a hat. Last week, before our trip to Kentucky, I found two of the cutest floppy hats at Target. They are both incredibly practical and were both under $25 (how can you beat that?!). Make sure to throw a ball cap or a floppy sun hat in your bag when packing for the beach or pool. You never know when it’ll come in handy and or when you’ll want to wear it the whole time. Plus, you can get away with second, third or fourth day hair!

Make sure to wear your shades. Sunglasses don’t only protect your eyes, they can also protect your face. Some may laugh at those super huge shades, but they can do an amazing job at blocking rays from hitting a large portion of your face. 

Show off a cover-up. Last, but not least, you’ve got to get yourself a cute cover-up! The one I’m wearing above is from Glamour Girl and comes at such a reasonable price! I absolutely love that it’s easy to throw on and super soft. Who wouldn’t love an oversized t-shirt with flattering slits on the side?! I feel like this would be perfect after a day out on the lake or if the weather gets a tad chilly while your hanging out in your suit. You can shop Glamour Girl here and can purchase this Coconut cover-up here. And if you don’t, make sure to follow them on Instagram at shopglamourgirl.
XO Amanda