Good Morning Friends!
This weekend I was thinking about what to write for Motivation Monday and decided I’d talk about something I know well – and that’s snacks! Who doesn’t love snacks right?! I’m one of those people who eats small meals all day long, so I have to keep snacks nearby, even while at work. I’ve featured some of my favorites above and here are some of the reasons why I love them:

1. They taste good. I don’t like sacrificing taste when I eat healthy, so I like to find snacks that satisfy my taste buds, but won’t cost me tons of calories. All of the items above are flavorful, minus the natural almonds which are an acquired taste (but so good for you!). 

2. They are healthier choices. Recently I’ve tried to trade out cookies and chips for apples & natural peanut butter, peppers with cilantro dip, and natural almonds, etc. If I need a sweet, sugary treat I’ll keep small candies on hand, because I can eat a couple and feel satisfied, instead of overindulging in much more caloric options. Yes, candy probably isn’t considered healthy, but sometimes you have to give yourself a little in order to not give in a lot. 

3. You can eat a lot for less calories. Some of my favorite snack foods are goldfish and teddy grahams, because you can eat quite a few for less than 200 calories. For example, 55 goldfish are only 140. I’ve tried the 100 calorie packs, but let’s be honest, it takes 2 or 3 to get the job done. So I prefer to pack a sandwich bag with just the right amount. Remember, moderation is key!

4. They leave me feeling full. Empty calories are never helpful, so I like eating snacks like peanut butter and almonds. I don’t have to eat much or very many to feel nice and full. I also like to keep water bottles close by, because many times when I feel hungry between meals it’s because I need hydration. Lately, I’ve been adding cut up lemon, lime and mint to make my water a little more flavorful.

5. I can take them with me. The best snacks are the ones you can pack and take on the go. I keep almonds in my gym bag in case I’m feeling weak after a work out and I have a snack bag at work filled with dried apples, fruit bars and gummies that won’t spoil. 
Thanks for stopping by! I hope the start of your week is wonderful! I’m hoping work flies by so I can get in a good workout and can get home to finish cleaning the house. Last week I pinched a nerve in my shoulder blade so I was out of the gym for several days. And I started tearing the house apart yesterday – doing “spring cleaning” – so I’m anxious to finish organizing. 

XO Amanda