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Another Monday, another large cup of coffee. 

Does anyone else have grand productive plans for their weekend and then end up in their pj’s until noon, watching Netflix and Instastories, only getting up for tacos, margaritas, and wine? 

Can you tell what I did this weekend? lol.

I’ve been trying to keep a pretty consistent schedule during the week so I can have a more definitive weekend. But sometimes it’s still hard to relax because I always feel like I need to do something now that I’m working for myself. The clock never ever stops. But this past weekend we really did stay in our pj’s past noon (Saturday AND Sunday). We watched a new Netflix series called Altered Carbon and then every episode of the new Planet Earth series. I also watch the entire first season of the new Queer Eye and it is SO good! I had a lot of coffee, too many tacos, several girly drinks, and cuddled with Heidi for hours… not so bad if I do say so myself. 


target i love coffee hoodie
sweet water decor but first coffee tumbler
holding coffee tumbler in mott & bow jeans
target i love coffee hoodie

mott & bow jane skinny jeans
target i love coffee hoodie
target i love coffee hoodie
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PHOTOGRAPHY: Cricket Maiden

I ended up filming and publishing my entire hair routine yesterday (on Instagram stories) which ended up taking up the majority of my Sunday. So I didn’t get started on this post until after 7 pm and really wasn’t sure what to write about. But since I had this set of coffee loving photos I decided to talk a little bit about my morning routine and how I’m keeping myself motivated. I’m not going to lie… I haven’t gotten up at 6 am every morning. Maybe not even most. But I’ve made huge strides! I actually look forward waking up now which is a HUGE difference from years past. I think this is partly due to the fact I work from home doing something I love now. I don’t dread my days – thank goodness! 

The other part is due to the consistent routine I’ve been keeping. Even if I don’t wake up right on time (my biggest goal right now is to be up by 7 am) I still try and keep the same schedule. Right when I wake up I turn on the coffee pot and/or my Keurig since, let’s be honest, coffee is a huge motivator. Then I run Heidi outside so she’s comfortable while I go about my morning chores. At night I’ve been trying to keep things picked up but sometimes I let myself get too tired and I save it for the morning (I also try to put things away as I go throughout the day so it doesn’t get out of control). 

I start by emptying or filling up the dishwasher so the sink is clean and things are in their place. Then I move to the laundry room and pull out anything in the dryer to fold and throw in a load to wash. We really don’t accumulate much laundry between the two of us, but doing this means I never have to have a “laundry day.” Next, I’ll wander around the first floor of the house putting dog toys away, tidying up the couch, and organizing odds and ends. Then it’s off to the bedroom to make the bed and clean up any clothes scattered about. If I get up at 6 am Justin is still sleeping so I wait for him to get up and out the door first. 

After things are tidy and in their place, I head to the bathroom for my morning skincare routine (btw you can find all of my products here). I put in my contacts, use a micellar water to remove any excess makeup, apply a quick toner with a cotton pad for a final clean sweep, and then go through my Rodan Fields Soothe routine (there are four parts). I’m in the process of testing this out so I will let you know what I think at the end of 30 days! Once my face is clean and I’ve applied my morning eye cream (it’s so good and has a cooling tip!) I usually change out of my pj’s and into some comfortable, casual clothes. I work from home so this is usually leggings and a tee or slouchy sweater. 

Breakfast and coffee are the next, and most important, step. I’ve been loving a bagel and cream cheese lately, or a bowl of cereal. I like to turn on the news and eat while checking emails. They accumulate really quickly so I’d say I easily spend three hours a day replying and cleaning things out. Especially on Mondays. By 9 am I like to be done with all of this so I can make a to-do list for the day while watching Kelly & Ryan. I don’t know why, but I’m so addicted to watching them – they always make my day feel brighter. They are so positive and uplifting! 

The rest of my routine is pretty similar to what I listed in my recent post here. I’m getting better and better at keeping my schedule consistent but some days are better than others. I’ve learned that you really have to take things one day at a time and to not throw out all of your hard work if one day doesn’t go right. If you don’t meet your goal, or lose motivation, it’s okay. Just regroup, reorganize, make a new list, and move on. Being hard on yourself or feeling badly about your progress only makes things worse. Finding confidence in your ability to succeed is how you make all your dreams come true! So don’t give up!

Another thing I’ve been doing that really helps is to designate one day for errand running. Piecemealing it can take up too much time on too many days. Usually, I make Thursdays the day for the grocery, CVS shopping, returns, the post office, etc. I make a plan of how to make this most efficient from one end of town to another… usually, there is always a Starbucks run in the mix as well. I chose Thursday because this gives me Monday to reorganize and make a weekly game plan, Tuesday and Wednesday to execute, and Friday to possibly sleep in a bit and then not feel panicked about getting things done before the weekend. 

My biggest lesson from this post, at least for myself, is to stay organized. Whether it’s your home, your planner, your errand schedule, your meetings, etc. Having a clear path for each day or at least an idea of what you’d like that to look like is more likely to keep you motivated and less discombobulated. And by keeping your surroundings just as organized will give you an environment in which to think clearly and focus. And when all else fails, get coffee! 

My top, jeans, and coffee mug are still in stock – linked above and below. 

Happy Monday! 


XO Amanda